Ural Racer

Ural Motorcycle1 - Ural Racer

This incredible Ural Racer is a creation from the mind of Joao Alves, it’s based on a stock 2013 Ural Solo sT but I think you’ll agree, the finished bike looks like a totally new creature. Joao has given the Ural Racer a beautiful mid-70s fairing, a studded cafe racer seat, a 2-into-2 chopped exhaust, a set of clip-on handlebars and an entirely new personality.

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Honda CB550 by Seaweed & Gravel

Honda CB550 bike1 - Honda CB550 by Seaweed & Gravel

The CB550 was only produced between 1974 and 1978, its predecessor was the CB500 and it was succeeded by the CB650 all of these bikes were offered under the price point of the iconic CB750 and all of them seem to have developed their own groups of dedicated fans, many of them are finding a second wind as project builds with interesting and creative conversions to cafe racer/scrambler/tracker/Brat-style bikes.

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Honda CX500 Cafe Brat

honda cx500 custom motorbike 41 - Honda CX500 Cafe Brat

The Honda CX500 is like a feisty featherweight boxer who’ll take on anyone and will never, ever back down. The model was first released in 1978 and it was fitted with a series of innovative features that were either uncommon or totally unused at the time, things like…

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1956 Triton Cafe Racer

Triton motorcycle 111 450x330 - 1956 Triton Cafe Racer

The Triton is one of those motorcycles that every man should own at least once in their lives. The bike is the famous combination of the Norton Featherbed frame and the Triumph parallel-twin engine, often with a slew of other aftermarket parts all designed to make it go as fast as an air-cooled, vintage British twin can possibly manage.

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Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Steel Bent Customs

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer front right 450x330 - Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Steel Bent Customs

Michael Mundy, the proprietor of Steel Bent Customs, has a penchant for building some of the cleanest cafe racer motorcycles you’ll find anywhere. He tends to favour the Honda CB750 and has now got the process of turning the bike from a lumbering over-weight bike into an exceedingly clean, pure example of what a cafe racer can be if the builder sticks to the core of what the genre originally entailed.

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