1 of 2 Hand-Built Prototypes – The 1994 “Indian” Century V-Twin Chief – Is It Worth ~$15,000 USD?

Century V-Twin Chief

The 1994 Century V-Twin Chief was a prototype motorcycle developed in the hopes of reviving the Indian Motocycle marque, it features an entirely unique engine that was CNC milled from billet aluminium alloy and unusually it features three valves per cylinder. There were multiple attempts to revive the Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company, originally named the…

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Three (Affordable) Custom Motorcycles Built By British Street Artist D*Face

D*Face Custom Motorcycles

This collection of three custom motorcycles were all hand-built by pioneering British street artist D*Face, aka Dean Stockton. The work of D*Face is celebrated alongside other modern street art luminaries like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, JR, Swoon, and Invader. In a way, these modern artists share many parallels with the leading lights of the impressionist movement,…

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