The Pulsejet-Powered Weltmeister Fictional Experimental Motorcycle

Pulsejet Motorcycle Engines

  This article was written by Per Gabos, the creator of this rather unusual pulsejet-powered motorcycle. The Weltmeister Fictional Experimental Motorcycle The Idea What if the Germans had built experimental pulsejet-powered motorcycles in the mid-1930s – how would these have been made and what would they have looked like? In the 1940s there were already…

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The Droog Moto Custom Kawasaki Ninja 250 R Scrambler x Street Fighter

Custom Kawasaki Ninja 250 1

This custom Kawasaki Ninja 250 R is one of the most comprehensively rebuilt examples of the popular Japanese urban sport bike we’ve ever seen. The Ninja 250 remains an exceedingly popular motorcycle in the United States and many world markets due to its inexpensive price point and its excellent handling, combined with its fuel efficiency…

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Moto-Terminator – The Fully-Rideable Ducati Hypermotard-Based Terminator Salvation Stunt Bike

Moto-Terminator - The Ducati Hypermotard Based Terminator Salvation Stunt Bike Rear

It isn’t widely known that the Moto-Terminator motorcycles from the Terminator Salvation movie were heavily customized Ducati Hypermotards. The primary scene in the movie that features the Moto-Terminators is one of the highlights of the film, most of the footage used in the chase scene was filmed traditionally using stunt riders on Hypermotards, this was…

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The Rising Sun Workshop x Young Henrys Custom Postie Bike Chopper – The Hopper

Custom Postie Bike Chopper - The Hopper Headlights

The Postie Bike is an Australian institution, they’re a lightly modified version of the Honda CT110 specifically built for Australia Post – an Australian government institution famous for its ability to find new and creative ways to not deliver your mail. This custom Postie Bike chopper was built as a collaborative effort between the Rising…

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Mash TT40 Cafe Racer Custom by XTR Pepo

Mash TT 40 Cafe Racer Side

The Mash TT40 Cafe Racer is equal parts French, Chinese, and Japanese – in a manner of speaking. The design is French (with some very obvious British cafe racer influences), the bike is built in Mainland China, and the engine/transmission is (very closely) based on the Japanese Honda XBR500 power unit from the 1980s. The…

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