Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer

Gear Patrol Field Guide American Craft  450x330

The Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer is a look at 25 top crafter breweries in the United States. Each listing includes information about the brewery, their history, their notable beers, when they were founded and where they’re based. Those who like to try as many interesting beers as possible, preferably in immediate succession…

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When Sex Was Safe

When Sex Was Safe Book 450x330

Sir Jackie Stewart once famously said “When I was in Formula One, sex was safe and motor racing was dangerous” – funnily enough it was Stewart himself who was largely responsible for many of the safety advances made in motor racing during his time as a driver and later as a team owner. The new…

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Vincent Motorcycles: The Untold Story Since 1946

Vincent Motorcycles The Untold Story Since 1946 Book 450x330

Vincent Motorcycles: The Untold Story Since 1946 is a book by Philippe Guyony covering the extraordinary history of one of Britain’s most influential motorcycle marques from the year of its demise to the current day. Most companies would see their name slowly slip into obscurity after going out of business, but Vincent stayed surprisingly relevant, thanks…

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Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manual: Marriage

Haynes Owners Workshop Manual Marriage 450x330

Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manuals are an absolute staple in many people’s garages – typically the first thing many people do when they buy a vintage British car is buy the corresponding Haynes book. This manual is written in the classic Hayne’s style, but rather than helping you maintain your MG, it helps you maintain your…

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Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health and Training

Walt Whitmans Guide to Manly Health and Training 450x330

Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health and Training is a collection of quotes by the poet, essayist, and journalist who became famous shortly after when he published Leaves of Grass. This book includes highlights from Whitman’s original essays with period-style illustrations making it an ideal gift, you can also buy the complete collected articles in book…

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Steve McQueen In Le Mans – A Graphic Novel

Steve McQueen In Le Mans A Graphic Novel 1 450x330

Steve McQueen In Le Mans is a new graphic novel by Swiss artist Sandro Garbo, he wanted to take one of the most famous McQueen movies and give it a comprehensive re-telling via the graphic novel medium – recreating the most famous scenes and cars in stunning detail. “I don’t think anyone ever filmed a…

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Guy Martin: Worms to Catch

Guy Martin Worms to Catch Book 450x330

Worms to Catch is the latest book by Guy Martin – a man who has become Britain’s favourite motorcycle racer and all-round daredevil. In 2015 Guy Martin crashed whilst leading the Ulster Grand Prix superbike race – He needed surgery to bolt his broken spine and hand back together, and he decided to take a break…

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International Scout Encyclopedia

International Scout Encyclopedia 450x330

The new International Scout Encyclopedia was co-written by longtime journalist and four-wheel drive historian Jim Allen and globally respected collector and Scout expert John Glancy. They managed to dig up many never-before-seen images and some new details about the Scout, as well as all the detailed information you would expect. The IH Scout is a…

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Sherlock Holmes Hollow Security Book

Hollow Security Book Safe 450x330

Hollow books can be a great way to hide things in plain sight, and they work anywhere you store books – be it in the livingroom, shed, garage or bedroom. The most common use for hollow books is using them as a stash for emergency cash, but they also find use hiding hip flasks from…

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Book: The Build

The Build Motorcycle Book 450x330

The Build is a new book by highly respected writer and motorcycle journalist Robert Hoekman Jr. It’s a detailed look into the minds of some of the most influential custom bike builders in the world today, including John Ryland (Classified Moto), Alan Stulberg (Revival Cycles), Jared Johnson (Holiday Customs), Jarrod DelPrado (DP Customs), and Max Hazan (Hazan…

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Malcolm! The Autobiography

Malcolm The Autobiography 450x330

Malcolm! The Autobiography is the only official record of one of America’s finest motorcyclists – Malcolm Smith. It’s difficult to condense the life of a man like Malcolm down into a blurb, so I’m not going to try – I’ll just give you a few of the highlights. Perhaps best known for his off road…

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