Cortina: The Story of Ford’s Best-Seller

Cortina The Story of Ford’s Best-Seller Book

Cortina: The Story of Ford’s Best-Seller is a definitive book about one of the most important British Ford’s in history and a staple of the British working class from the 1960s into the 1980s. If you grew up in the England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa it’s almost certain that either…

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Star Wars TIE Fighter: Owners’ Workshop Manual

Tie Fighter Owner's Workshop Manual

This is the Haynes Owners’ Workshop Manual for the legendary Star Wars TIE Fighter, one of the most memorable spacecraft from the Star Wars film, book, and video game universe. According Wookiepedia, the most reliable source of Star Wars information, the TIE fighter was produced in massive numbers from the Galactic Civil War onwards. TIE…

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The Technique of Motor Racing by Piero Taruffi

The Technique of Motor Racing by Piero Taruffi is the book that all other instructional motor racing books are measured against. It was written by Taruffi, nicknamed the “Silver Fox”, in 1959 after he retired from motor racing in 1957 following a promise to his wife to retire once he’d won the Mille Miglia. He…

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Must-Read Motorcycle Books: Top Dead Center by Kevin Cameron

Top Dead Center by Kevin Cameron

Kevin Cameron graduated with a degree in physics from Harvard University before embarking on a remarkable career tuning world-class racing motorcycles throughout the 1970s and ’80s. His understanding of every aspect of how motorcycles work is shared by relatively few, and fortunately, he’s able to clearly explain it all in layman’s terms to folks like…

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Feel: My Story – The Freddie Spencer Autobiography

Feel My Story Freddie Spencer Autobiography

Feel: My Story is the autobiography of motorcycle racing legend “Fast” Freddie Spencer. When it comes to the autobiographies of racing drivers (and riders) the books tend to fall into one of two categories, they’re either a little dry and dreary or they’re fascinating reads that you can barely put down. This book by Fast…

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US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 – $9.95 USD

US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

The US Army Survival Manual has been standard issue to soldiers for decades – saving countless lives over the years and becoming a de facto reference for not only military personnel, but also for outdoorsmen, survivalists, hikers, and overland adventurers. The internal layout of the book is designed to be simple and easy to navigate,…

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Icon – The Official Land Rover Book

Icon - The Official Land Rover Book

Icon – The Official Land Rover Book is the marque’s own look back at what is arguably their most important model line – the Series and Defender vehicles that defined the company and helped define the very nature of modern 4x4s. The book is made up of 10 chapters with over 200 pages covering the…

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