Kaillie’s XS650 by Loaded Gun Customs

Yamaha XS650 19 450x330 - Kaillie's XS650 by Loaded Gun Customs

We’ve seen a new generation of female motorcyclists emerge over the past 10 years or so, whilst there have always been women who ride it seems that there have never been quite as many as there are now. One of the defining characteristics of modern generation of female riders is their refusal to sit on…

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Tickle Manx T3

Tickle Manx 450x330 - Tickle Manx T3

The Tickle Manx is a bit of a historical curiosity, it’s a result of the sale of the AMC race shop to the famous Colin Seeley in 1966 – As part of the deal Seeley acquired the rights to the Norton Manx as well as the Matchless G50 and AJS 7R, by 1969 he had…

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Yamaha SR500 by ExesoR Motorcycles

Yamaha SR500 Custom Motorcycle 3 450x330 - Yamaha SR500 by ExesoR Motorcycles

Christian from ExesoR Motorcycles is one of those quietly talented custom bike builders who spends months at a time hammering a way in a shed, before rolling out a motorcycle so beautiful it stops even seasoned motorcycle critics in their tracks. The previous custom from ExesoR was featured here on Silodrome and it was one…

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Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

Honda CB550 450x330 - Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

The Honda CB550 is one of those motorcycles that seemed destined for cafe-racerization from the get go, it was lighter than its larger CB750 stablemate and when it comes to cafe racers, lightness is next to godliness. The CB550 you see here was built by R. Cameron Smyth of Smyth Innovations, his goal was to…

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1973 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer 20 450x330 - 1973 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

The Honda CB350 is one of the most important motorcycles that Honda ever made, everyone knows about the importance of the Honda CB750 but during the same era, slightly under the radar, the CB350 became the best selling motorcycle in the world – shifting over a 250,000 units during its 5 year production. These high…

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Honda CB750 by Wesley Hannam

Honda CB750 profile Fotor 450x330 - Honda CB750 by Wesley Hannam

The Honda CB750 is a motorcycle that’s been cut up and reinvented a million different ways – it’s pretty rare that we see one that’s been tweaked in a new or interesting way so when one does come along, we perk up and pay attention. The one sub-model in the CB750 family that hasn’t seen…

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