The Original Ferrari F40 Patent Drawings

These are the original six drawings for the patent application for the Ferrari F40, the application was filed in December 1987 listing Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina as the inventor and Ferrari as the assignee. The Ferrari F40 is remembered today as possibly the last great analogue supercar, from a time when electronic systems and driver…

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A Rare American Sports Car – The Woodill Wildfire

Woodill Wildfire 13

The Woodill Wildfire is considered by many to be the first production fibreglass sports car in the world, it was very nearly mass-produced by Willys as the “Willys Wildfire” and mass-produced as a contemporary of the first Chevrolet Corvette. If it hadn’t been for Kaiser Motors buying Willys in 1953 the history of the company…

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