Ever Seen One Before? The TAG Croco 4×4 Amphibious Vehicle – Powered by a Wankel Rotary

TAG Croco 4x4 Amphibious Vehicle 2

The TAG Croco 4×4 is an amphibious vehicle developed in Switzerland, it featured an unusual design with a two-part body articulated about a central axis. This allows significant wheel articulation without any suspension, notably simplifying the running gear – this is typically a significant challenge when designing amphibious vehicles. The large balloon tires provide some…

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Land Rover Series III Lightweight – An Unusual Helicopter-Deployed Version Of The British 4×4


Land Rover began to develop a lightweight version of the short wheelbase Series IIA in 1965 that could be slung beneath the Westland Wessex helicopter, which had a maximum carrying capacity of 2,500 lbs. The plan was for special forces and British marines to use the new lightweight vehicle for rapid helicopter insertion behind enemy lines…

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Is This The Quintessential American Villain’s Car? The 1965 Buick Riviera – Black-On-Black With The “Wildcat” Nailhead V8

The first generation of the Buick Riviera was developed specifically to compete with the Ford Thunderbird, a luxurious grand touring coupe with elegant styling, seating for four adults, and a prodigious American V8 under the hood. Buick had previously used the Riviera name on vehicles back in the 1940s but a standalone Riviera model was first released…

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