Yamaha XS750 Custom

Yamaha XS750 Custom 450x330 - Yamaha XS750 Custom

The Yamaha XS750 was produced from 1977 to 1979 before being replaced by the larger XS850, the model never saw the same production numbers as the wildly popular parallel-twin Yamaha XS650 but we’ve been seeing more and more custom XS750s coming to light in recent months – like the one you see here. It isn’t…

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American Cafe Racers

american cafe racers 450x330 - American Cafe Racers

  Click here to go straight to the American Cafe Racers Collection on eBay. The humble cafe racer is a style of motorcycle that seems truly timeless, each generation that comes along re-discovers the stripped back, lightweight speed machines for themselves and then leave their mark on the genre. It’s fascinating to see the different…

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BMW K100 Cafe Racer

bmw k100 cafe racer 8 450x330 - BMW K100 Cafe Racer

  The BMW K100 is not a motorcycle that one usually associates with cafe racers, or customs of any sort for that matter. The bike itself is a fascinating piece of BMW Motorrad history and surprisingly they remain quite cheap in many markets, despite their recent ascent to vintage status and the huge popularity of…

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Deus BMW R100S Custom

Deus BMW R100S Custom 11 450x330 - Deus BMW R100S Custom

This BMW R100S custom by Deus Ex Machina, the garage is world famous for their customs based on American and Japanese motorcycles but we haven’t seen many machines based on European marques roll out of their workshops in Australia, Bali, the USA or Italy. The R100S you see here has been through what I’d call a ‘respectful…

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