An Original Porsche Helicopter Engine – The Ultimate 356 Outlaw Engine Swap?

Porsche Helicopter Engine

It isn’t common knowledge that Porsche sold a significant number of modified 356 engines to the Americans for use in helicopters, including both the XRON-I Rotorcycle (or YRON-I) and the US Navy’s QH-50 DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter). The horizontally opposed 4-cylinder Porsche engine was perfect for small helicopter use, it’s an air-cooled motor built with…

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The Unusual Ner-a-Car Motorcycle – “Near A Car” In More Ways Than One

Ner-a-Car Steering

The Ner-a-Car, known as the Neracar in the United States, was a revolutionary motorcycle design from 1918 that could very well have forever changed the trajectory of motorcycle design and engineering. As it stands today the Ner-a-Car was the most prolifically manufactured motorcycle with hub-center steering right up to the modern day, with over 15,000…

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A Rare 1967 Ford 427 ci SOHC “Cammer” V8 Engine

Ford 427 ci SOHC Cammer V8 Engine

  The Ford 427 ci SOHC “Cammer” V8 engine was nicknamed the “90 Day Wonder” by the team at Ford’s version of Area 51 – the X-Garage. The development timeline of the engine was exceedingly short, the mission brief was to develop a high-revving single overhead cam engine for use in NASCAR to take the…

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What Is One Horsepower? This 9 Minute Film Explains It All

What Is Horsepower

We still frequently use the term horsepower as the primary indicator of how much power an engine produces, but very few can explain what it actually means and how it was originally calculated. This concise 9 minute short film explains the origins of the term, how it was calculated by James Watt, and why it…

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An Original Dodge 426 Hemi V8 Display Engine

Dodge 426 Hemi V8 Engine

This Dodge 426 Hemi V8 was constructed by the factory back in the late 1960s as a cutaway display engine for the car show circuit. Display engines like this require an enormous amount of work to get right, carefully pre-planned sections need to be expertly cut, milled, and polished in order to expose the internal…

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