Yamaha XS750 Custom

Yamaha XS750 Custom 450x330 - Yamaha XS750 Custom

The Yamaha XS750 was produced from 1977 to 1979 before being replaced by the larger XS850, the model never saw the same production numbers as the wildly popular parallel-twin Yamaha XS650 but we’ve been seeing more and more custom XS750s coming to light in recent months – like the one you see here. It isn’t…

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Yamaha Virago XV535 by Old Empire Motorcycles

Yamaha Virago XV535 81 450x330 - Yamaha Virago XV535 by Old Empire Motorcycles

This Yamaha Virago XV535 custom, dubbed “Bulldog”, is the latest two-wheeled release from Old Empire Motorcycles – a British custom motorcycle workshop that’s become famous for their work with Royal Enfields over the past 2 years. The Virago has become a popular target for custom bike builders in recent years, largely due to the eye…

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Yamaha GTS 1000

DAVID MARKS GSXRADD 2 450x330 - Yamaha GTS 1000

This is the fourth piece in a series on Silodrome written by the talented Jason Cormier, Jason is a writer, an avid motorcyclist, a Ducati die-hard, and a shadetree mechanic based in Montreal. He’s the editor of Odd-Bike.com, a unique website that showcases the history of rare and unusual motorcycles from around the world. If you’ve…

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Yamaha XJR1300 Kit by Deus Ex Machina

Yamaha XJR1300 51 450x330 - Yamaha XJR1300 Kit by Deus Ex Machina

This Yamaha XJR1300 Kit by Deus Ex Machina is the Australian company’s interpretation of what the XJR1300 could have been, in an alternate universe directed by Ridley Scott. Yamaha actually approached Deus and proposed the idea of the kit in early 2013, they wanted to see what Deus would come up with when offered the…

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Dale Singleton’s Yamaha TZ750

Yamaha TZ7501 450x330 - Dale Singleton's Yamaha TZ750

The Yamaha TZ750 is a motorcycle that anyone who watched motorcycle racing during the 1970s will remember well, the machine was an absolute monster and quickly gained a reputation for whitening the face of anyone brave or stupid enough to climb aboard and attempt to set a reasonable lap time. When it was first introduced…

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Yamaha XS650 by ICON 1000

Yamaha XS650 by ICON 10001 450x330 - Yamaha XS650 by ICON 1000

The Yamaha XS650 is right up there with the Honda CB750 as one of the most desirable and iconic motorcycle engines to come out of Japan in the late-60s. Both bikes saw production runs that would span decades and create entire subcultures dedicated to them. The XS650 you see here has been converted into an…

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Yamaha XS 400 Custom

Yamaha XS 400 Custom 5 450x330 - Yamaha XS 400 Custom

The humble Yamaha XS 400 is often overlooked by people who are lured by the larger XS650 and although I’m well aware of the attraction of additional power, I’ve always been a huge fan of slightly smaller engined, lighter weight bikes. When men first had the idea of dropping an engine into a bicycle, they…

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Yamaha RD250 by Patrick Sauter

Sauter Moped 18.04.1311461 - Yamaha RD250 by Patrick Sauter

This Yamaha RD250 is a phoenix of sorts, it was being sold in Germany on eBay earlier this year and was more than likely to end up as scrap. Two strokes are not the most popular thing in renewably-powered countries like Germany and this one would have been destined for a vat of molten steel,…

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