1977 Yamaha XT500

1977 Yamaha XT5001 - 1977 Yamaha XT500

The Yamaha XT500 is one of those motorcycles that came before its time – it was an ‘adventure bike’ before there really was such a thing and it quickly found a home in races like the Paris–Abidjan-Nice, the Paris-Dakar and races across the Mojave in the US. At its heart the XT500 has a twin valve…

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Yamaha DT50 MX by Håkan Persson

Yamaha DT50MX 11 - Yamaha DT50 MX by Håkan Persson

Håkan Persson is one of those curiously talented people that seems to be frustratingly good at everything he puts his mind to. Take this bike for example – it started life as a stock Yamaha DT50MX (pictured inset left) and despite the fact that this is only his second attempt at building a custom motorcycle,…

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Yamaha XS360

Yamaha XS360 custom - Yamaha XS360

This Yamaha XS360 is one of those bikes that was brought back from the dead – when it was found by Shamus Mathers it was in such poor condition that even the individual nuts and bolts had to be replaced.

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