The Sound Barrier – Documentary

The Sound Barrier Documentary 450x330 - The Sound Barrier - Documentary

The Sound Barrier is an interesting look back at the time before supersonic flight was achieved, or even really understood. Years before Chuck Yeager became the first man to achieve controlled faster than sound flight, pilots during World War II who approached the barrier would lose control as airflow over the wing became unpredictable. The…

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Board Track Medic

board track racing motorcycle 450x330 - Board Track Medic

The above image presents a bit of a mystery, it appears to show a medic or doctor attending to a man who has clearly just come off his board track racing motorcycle and is laying at the bottom of the berm. I can only assume his injuries were no more severe than a few splinters…

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Triumph Tiger XC Special Edition

triumph tiger 800 XC SE motorcycle 450x330 - Triumph Tiger XC Special Edition

The 2014 Triumph Tiger XC Special Edition is a tweaked version of the 800cc Tiger XC, an off-road touring motorcycle that’s selling as fast as Triumph can roll them out of their Hinckley-based factory. The Tiger is powered by a triple cylinder 800cc, water-cooled engine that also doubles as a stressed frame member. The steel…

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Yamaha SR400 Custom

Yamaha SR400 Custom Motorbike 7 450x330 - Yamaha SR400 Custom

The Yamaha SR400 is a cornerstone of the international custom motorcycle scene, the indestructible single cylinder thumper has one valve in, one valve out and a single carburettor mounted under the seat. This means that when the global nuclear apocalypse finally takes place, the SR400 will be one of the few motorcycles that still works…

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1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLS Racing

Mercedes Benz 300 SLS Racing1 - 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLS Racing

This 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLS ‘Racing’ is an original ’57 300 SL that’s been modified into a faithful reproduction of the car used by legendary American racing driver Paul O’Shea – the O’Shea-Tilp Racing Team had enjoyed remarkable success with the 300 SL and so when Mercedes-Benz withdrew from motorsports in 1955 due to a horrific accident…

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CR-B 666 Café Racer by Kiez Kustoms

Kiez Kustoms Honda1 450x330 - CR-B 666 Café Racer by Kiez Kustoms

I’m always excited when a new Kiez Kustoms bike comes along, Felix’s style is reminiscent of the café racer builders of the early ’60s in that his emphasis is speed and handling first with aesthetics second.

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