Carbon Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl

Custom Ducati - Carbon Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl

The Leggero is a limited edition series of custom Ducatis produced by world renowned motorcycle builder, Walt Siegl. Each one is made to order and the amount of thought and engineering that goes into them is slightly incredible, each one has a frame made from chrome-molybdenum tubing that’s stronger than steel but only weighs 19lbs….

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Buying Guide – Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster Thumbnail - Buying Guide - Ducati Monster

Introduction   The Ducati Monster is a motorcycle that was designed by Miguel Galluzzi as his personal interpretation of what Marlon Brando would ride if the film “The Wild One” was filmed in the modern day. He can’t possibly have known when he drew the initial outlines how staggeringly successful his design would go on…

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Ducati 1098S Custom by shedX

ducati custom motorcycle1 - Ducati 1098S Custom by shedX

This Ducati 1098S custom by shedX represents an entirely new take on the 1098S – a bike hitherto considered to be a faired sportbike largely designed for the track. The owner of the original 1098S had contacted the talented team at Syndey’s shedX after seeing one of their previous creations – the Bastardo. His original…

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Ducati Manx Kit by Rad Ducati

Ducati Manx by Rad Ducati 11 - Ducati Manx Kit by Rad Ducati

This is the Ducati Manx by Rad Ducati, it’s based on a 2007, 800cc Monster but as you can see, it’s been fairly heavily tweaked. The primary changes to the bike are the new fuel tank and seat, both available in kit form as either glass fibre (€600) or carbon fibre (€800), they’re designed to bolt onto standard Ducati Monster models including the 620, 695, 1000 Ie, S4, S2R 80 and S2R 1000.

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Walt Siegl’s Leggero

custom ducati 7 - Walt Siegl's Leggero

Walt Siegl is a highly influential motorcycle builder based in New Hampshire – he’s been based in the Granite State since 2007 and he’s been directly responsible for some of the most technologically advanced custom motorcycles anywhere in the USA, or anywhere else for that matter.

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