Triumph Board Tracker

Triumph Board Track Motorcycle 4 450x330 - Triumph Board Tracker

This Triumph Board Tracker is a motorcycle that was built far more recently that you might guess, utilising parts and engineering practices that were common back in the heyday of the board track racing revolution – from the 1910s till the late 1920s. It uses a vintage Triumph bicycle frame that was sourced by New Zealander…

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RSD Indian Scout

Indian Board Tracker Custom Motorcycle RSD 12 450x330 - RSD Indian Scout

Indian introduced the Scout in 1920, the model quickly became a fixture at race tracks, board tracks, hill climbs and the “Wall of Death” sideshow attraction at county fairs. Those who couldn’t afford an automobile could often afford a base model Indian Scout, and so they became daily transportation for teachers, factory workers, farmers and…

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1912 Indian Board Track Racer

Indian Board Track Motorcycle 1 450x330 - 1912 Indian Board Track Racer

This 1912 Indian Board Track Racer is one of the few remaining unrestored originals, it was discovered in the ’70s and disassembled by the new owner who intended to fully restore it. As so often happens, life got in the way and the disassembled Indian Board Track Racer spent 30 years sitting in baskets before…

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1912 Indian Board Tracker

Indian Boardtracker3 450x330 - 1912 Indian Board Tracker

This 1912 Indian Board Tracker is a 102 year old survivor from the formative and exceedingly dangerous years of two-wheeled motor racing in the United States – the board track circuits were (as the name implies) made from millions of wooden boards hammered into banked ovals up to 2 miles in length and riders would…

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Gardner Board Tracker by Andre’ Wänman

Board Tracker Motorcycle 1 450x330 - Gardner Board Tracker by Andre’ Wänman

Andre’ Wänman is a humble Swedish gardener and welder with a deep love of vintage board track motorcycles, before the onset of each long Scandinavian winter he looks to find something to keep him entertained in his garage when the mercury is low. Last winter he decided to set about building a board track motorcycle…

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Mystery Board Tracker

board track racer 450x330 - Mystery Board Tracker

The image above features a motorcycle I’ve never seen before, I’m tempted to guess that it’s a one-off design due to the less-than-polished look of the engineering. The size of the V-twin is impressive, in fact it’s one of the largest I’ve ever seen installed in a pre-WWII motorcycle, with the possible exception of the pacer…

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Board Track Medic

board track racing motorcycle 450x330 - Board Track Medic

The above image presents a bit of a mystery, it appears to show a medic or doctor attending to a man who has clearly just come off his board track racing motorcycle and is laying at the bottom of the berm. I can only assume his injuries were no more severe than a few splinters…

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