1924 Indian Scout V-Twin

1924 Indian Scout V Twin2 - 1924 Indian Scout V-Twin

This 1924 Indian Scout V-Twin is actually an amalgamation of the best parts from three separate 1924 Indians, each of which was a basket case. The finished bike is a stunning example of the famous Scout, it’s even finished in the right shade of red – the only colour that really makes sense on a…

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Spirit of Munro

Spirit of Munro detail6 450x330 - Spirit of Munro

The Spirit of Munro is a salt lake racer built as a hat tip to legendary motorcycle racer, Burt Munro. Munro’s original streamliner was based on a 1920 Indian motorcycle, the bike was ancient by the time he set his last record (at 47 years old), it’s a staggering testament to his abilities as an engineer that he was able to set so many records with it, including the under-1000cc world record which still stands today.

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Django Django – “WOR”

wall of death 450x330 - Django Django - "WOR"

For those of you who didn’t know, a “Silodrome” is actually a Wall of Death, a huge silo shaped chamber in which stuntmen (and women) ride around the walls at speeds high enough to create G-forces higher than gravity. This allows them to ride at a 90 degree angle to the ground whilst generally goofing around almost never dying.

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Indian 101 Scout

Indian 101 Scout 450x330 - Indian 101 Scout

The Indian 101 Scout was produced between 1928 and 1931, it was the successor to the previous Scout model that began production in 1920 but the 101 had been fully reworked from the ground up by Charles Franklin, the senior Indian engineer and former motorcycle racer responsible for the original Scout.

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burt munro on the salt 7756201 450x330 - Burt

If the above certificate means nothing to you, then you don’t know who Burt Munro is. Not knowing who Burt is is an offence that’ll get you tarred and feathered around this part of the internet.

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