1912 Indian Board Tracker

Indian Boardtracker3 450x330 - 1912 Indian Board Tracker

This 1912 Indian Board Tracker is a 102 year old survivor from the formative and exceedingly dangerous years of two-wheeled motor racing in the United States – the board track circuits were (as the name implies) made from millions of wooden boards hammered into banked ovals up to 2 miles in length and riders would…

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2014 Indian Chief Classic Giveaway

Indian Chief Classic 4 450x330 - 2014 Indian Chief Classic Giveaway

The team over at eBay Motors are running a sweepstakes until the 14th of April, the first and second prizes are a Cadillac CTS and a 2014 Indian Chief Classic respectively – in order to win you just need to click here and set up your eBay Garage (it takes 90 seconds). The now legendary Indian…

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Porus by Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs

royal enfield custom 3 450x330 - Porus by Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs

  Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs is a new custom workshop based in Rupnagar, India. The bike you see here is their first effort, it started life an an old, slightly worn out Royal Enfield 350 before Pritpal and his 3 cohorts at Bambukaat go their hands on it and spent a month rebuilding it in their…

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Old Delhi Motorcycles – The Film

Old Delhi Motorcycles The Film1 450x330 - Old Delhi Motorcycles - The Film

“Old Delhi Motorcycles” is a brand new film from the talented crew at Colorblind Production, it covers the stories of the rabidly loyal fans of the Royal Enfield marque in India and it’s fantastically well put together. The full length film is available to watch above for free, it’s 18:26 long though you’ll probably want…

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Harley-Davidson 883 by TJ Moto

Harley Davidson Indian 21 450x330 - Harley-Davidson 883 by TJ Moto

It isn’t everyday we get an email from a new custom motorcycle builder based in India, despite the fact that the country has a billion-plus residents and an enormous motorcycle culture – most of the more creative Indian customs don’t make it beyond the country’s borders. That said, I think this bike is destined to…

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1924 Indian Scout V-Twin

1924 Indian Scout V Twin2 - 1924 Indian Scout V-Twin

This 1924 Indian Scout V-Twin is actually an amalgamation of the best parts from three separate 1924 Indians, each of which was a basket case. The finished bike is a stunning example of the famous Scout, it’s even finished in the right shade of red – the only colour that really makes sense on a…

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Spirit of Munro

Spirit of Munro detail6 450x330 - Spirit of Munro

The Spirit of Munro is a salt lake racer built as a hat tip to legendary motorcycle racer, Burt Munro. Munro’s original streamliner was based on a 1920 Indian motorcycle, the bike was ancient by the time he set his last record (at 47 years old), it’s a staggering testament to his abilities as an engineer that he was able to set so many records with it, including the under-1000cc world record which still stands today.

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Django Django – “WOR”

wall of death 450x330 - Django Django - "WOR"

For those of you who didn’t know, a “Silodrome” is actually a Wall of Death, a huge silo shaped chamber in which stuntmen (and women) ride around the walls at speeds high enough to create G-forces higher than gravity. This allows them to ride at a 90 degree angle to the ground whilst generally goofing around almost never dying.

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