Burt Munro: Offerings To The God Of Speed

Burt Munro Photograph 450x330 - Burt Munro: Offerings To The God Of Speed

Burt Munro: Offerings To The God Of Speed is a documentary that was made many years before Munro became an international icon thanks to the Anthony Hopkins film The World’s Fastest Indian. Burt was born in New Zealand in 1899, he’s most famous for his incredible exploits at Bonneville but in his earlier life he was a professional speedway rider,  a…

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1928 Indian 101 Scout

Indian 101 Scout 450x330 - 1928 Indian 101 Scout

The Indian 101 Scout is remembered by many as the greatest motorcycle that Indian ever made. It was developed by Charles B. Franklin – an Irish-born American immigrant who had also designed the previous Scout, and who earlier in his career had been part of the Indian Motorcycle racing team that won 1st, 2nd, and…

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Indian Black Bullet Scout

Indian Black Bullet Scout 24 450x330 - Indian Black Bullet Scout

Indian released the new Scout earlier this year to much interest from the motorcycle community. It’s a smaller, lighter bike than the Chief and it’s powered by an all-new Indian V-twin. This new engine has been the focus of a lot of curiosity, it has a capacity of 1133cc, double overhead camshafts, fuel injection, liquid cooling, and it…

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Steve McQueen’s Indian Sport Scout

Steve McQueen Indian Sport Scout 450x330 - Steve McQueen's Indian Sport Scout

Steve McQueen owned an extraordinary array of vehicles including a 1931 Pitcairn PA-8 biplane, a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, a Jaguar XKSS, a Ford GT40 and a number of motorcycles – including the 1934 Indian Sport Scout you see here. Although he’s perhaps more famous for his association with Triumph and Husqvarna, McQueen’s love of…

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RSD Indian Scout

Indian Board Tracker Custom Motorcycle RSD 12 450x330 - RSD Indian Scout

Indian introduced the Scout in 1920, the model quickly became a fixture at race tracks, board tracks, hill climbs and the “Wall of Death” sideshow attraction at county fairs. Those who couldn’t afford an automobile could often afford a base model Indian Scout, and so they became daily transportation for teachers, factory workers, farmers and…

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Gasbox Indian Scout

Gasbox Indian Scout Motorcycle 450x330 - Gasbox Indian Scout

The Indian Scout was introduced for the first time in 1919, and quickly established itself as one of America’s most important and successful early motorcycles. Modified Scouts were a regular fixture at race tracks and hill climbs around the United States, where its iconic fuel tank between the top frame tubes, air-cooled 606cc V-twin and…

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