Ed Kretz

Ed Kretz Flat Track 450x330 - Ed Kretz

Ed Kretz was the top motorcycle racer in the 1930s and 1940s, he bought his first motorcycle when he was 20 years old out of sheer necessity, it was the Great Depression and an Indian Motorcycle was all Ed could afford as a mode of transportation.

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Laado by Rajputana Customs

217681 10150147380684565 276470134564 6470056 4095671 n 450x330 - Laado by Rajputana Customs

This is the newest bike out of the garage of Rajputana Customs, an Indian based outfit that have been consistently turning out some of the most eye catching customs of the past 12 months. Headed up by Vijay, an Indian national who went to college in Canada, before returning to his native Jaipur to set up…

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