I.D.W.P. by Edwin

TW125 Edwin face 450x330 - I.D.W.P. by Edwin

Edwin is a clothing label favoured by many motorcycle aficionados, especially those in the custom-but-not-a-chopper scene. This film was produced in conjunction with Blitz Motorcycles out of France and features some of Blitz’s bikes…

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Riding September by Hysteric Studios

Riding September

This music video by Hysteric Studios and the bike builders at Blitz Motorcycles is one of those things that makes you sit down and question the intelligence behind working in an office, especially when you learn that the average cubicle is half the size of the average prison cell.

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Terrot Motorcycles Poster

TerrotMotorcycle1 450x330 - Terrot Motorcycles Poster

Terrot was a French motorcycle manufacturer based in Dijon, they started building motorcycles in 1902. By 1932 they had won the triple-championship in France having taken victories in the 250cc, 350cc and 500cc motorcycle racing classes. A few years later during the second world war, Terrot supplied thousands of sidecar motorcycles to the French army.

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Aviator Goggles by Jeantet

4602 d 380x330 - Aviator Goggles by Jeantet

In 1880 Eugene Jeantet founded the Jeantet company, ten miles west of Lake Geneva in the quaint French town of Morez. The Jeantet company created and sold mostly the pince-nez style of spectacle for motorists and cyclists until 1929 when Eugene’s son, Léon, invented the aviator goggle.

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The Porthos 8 Litre

Screen shot 2011 05 04 at 13.27.00 450x330 - The Porthos 8 Litre

Between 1905 and 1914 a car company called Porthos was created in France, it saw great success and then just as quickly great failure. Porthos was the French Rolls Royce of their day, based in Boulogne-Billancourt the company built magnificent 6, 7, 8 and even 9 litre luxury cars before trying its hand at motor racing,…

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