Simpson Street Bandit Motorcycle Helmet

Simpson Street Bandit Helmet

The Simpson Street Bandit Helmet is a design that’s been around since the 1970s, the American company recently updated it with all modern materials and it now meets the exceptionally challenging Snell M2015 helmet certification standard (as well as the regular DOT). This is the motorcycle-specific version of the Street Bandit, it has an enlarged…

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Bowtex Kevlar Motorcycle Underlayer

Bowtex Kevlar Motorcycle Underlayer

Bowtex is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing the most advanced motorcyclist underlayers in the world – although some might scoff at the idea of Kevlar underwear, the benefits of having over 90% of your skin covered with the highly abrasion resistant material suddenly makes a lot of sense when you find yourself sliding…

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Para-Aramid Motorcycle Gear – Fuel Sergeant Pants

Fuel Sergeant Motorcycle Pants 450x330 - Para-Aramid Motorcycle Gear - Fuel Sergeant Pants

The new Fuel Sergeant Pants were specifically designed for use by motorcyclists in both urban and off-road environments. The main outer section of the pants are made from waxed 12.5 oz denim, with an abrasion and puncture resistant Para-Aramid internal lining around the knees and thigh/waist area. For impact protection there are removable CE level…

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Bolle McQueen Motorcycle Goggles

Bolle McQueen Motorcycle Goggles 450x330 - Bolle McQueen Motorcycle Goggles

The Bolle McQueen Motorcycle Goggles were developed to evoke the look of the iconic goggles worn by the likes of Steve McQueen and Bud Ekins in the ISDT International Six Day Trials and Mojave Desert Races in the 1960s. Bolle developed the goggles using all new materials to ensure that modern safety standards are met….

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AGV X3000 AGO 1 Full Face Helmet

AGV Ago 1 Full Face Helmet 450x330 - AGV X3000 AGO 1 Full Face Helmet

The new AGV X3000 AGO 1 is a classically-styled full face helmet from the famed Italian company that’s likely to find a long list of prospective buyers. Retro lids like this are one of the fastest growing market segments in the motorcycle helmet world, and many of the major manufacturers either already have retro helmets out,…

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Biltwell Gringo Safe-T Yellow Helmet

Biltwell Gringo Helmet 450x330 - Biltwell Gringo Safe-T Yellow Helmet

The Biltwell Gringo Safe-T Yellow is a new shell color option for the popular full face, a helmet that’s quickly becoming a de facto choice in the sub-$200 retro category. The Gringo costs just $149.95 USD – this is affordable for almost everyone. And unlike 3/4 face helmets that are common in the world of…

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Davida Koura Helmet

Davida Koura Helmet 450x330 - Davida Koura Helmet

The Davida Koura is a new helmet from the British company, it’s a classically styled full face that was developed by a team of engineers who previously worked in Moto GP and Formula 1. Interestingly, Davida is the only certified helmet manufacturer in the United Kingdom, each of their helmets are handmade in Birkenhead, just…

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Simpson Outlaw Bandit Helmet

Simpson Outlaw Bandit Helmet 450x330 - Simpson Outlaw Bandit Helmet

Simpson updated their famous Outlaw Bandit Helmet in 2017 with some added features to make it more aerodynamically stable and give the wearer a wider field of view. The helmet also meets both Snell M2015 and DOT safety certification requirements – a huge plus for many riders, as most retro and classically styled helmets don’t…

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Ugly Bros Featherbed-K Moto Jeans

Ugly Bros Featherbed K Moto Jeans 450x330 - Ugly Bros Featherbed-K Moto Jeans

Ugly Bros USA have established a solid reputation in recent years for making solid and somewhat uniquely styled gear for motorcyclists. Their Featherbed-K Moto Jeans feature the brand’s signature style – with a slim fit to avoid flapping fabric at highway speeds and elastic accordion knee and lower waist panels to avoid tight spots. The…

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Premier MX LC 8 Helmet

Premier MX LC 8 Helmet 2 450x330 - Premier MX LC 8 Helmet

The Premier MX LC 8 is a helmet designed to modern safety specifications with a retro look that’ll appeal to anyone who rides a vintage or modern classic motorcycle – particularly anything of the scrambler or off-road variety. Premier is an Italian company known for excellent build quality, the MX LC 8 complies with European…

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