The Douk-Douk Knife

Douk Douk1 450x330

First created in 1929 by Gaspard Cognet the Douk-Douk knife is still made by M.C. Cognet in France using the same, time tested methods. Each blade is handmade from high-carbon steel and both handle and blade features a beautiful series of engravings that are a story unto themselves.

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Mammut Film1 450x330

Mammuth is the story of Serge Pilardosse (Gérard Depardieu), the film begins with his last day at work in a slaughterhouse before retiring and then follows his descent into boredom, grocery shopping and jigsaw puzzles.

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The Caudron C450

Caudron C450 450x330

The Caudron C450 was an exceedingly advanced racing aircraft built in France in 1934, the plane was a one-off design created to be raced in the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe race of the same year. Powered by a 300hp Renault engine and capable of speeds in excess of 310mph the C450 won the race by a safe margin, piloted around the course by Maurice Arnoux.

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