Russian M-72 Blueprints

Russian M 72 Blueprints 9 450x330 - Russian M-72 Blueprints

The Russian M-72 is a motorcycle that was actually designed in Germany by BMW, the Wehrmacht rejected the model as the planned replacement for the R12 but the Russians loved the design and due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, BMW were able to sell the design and tooling to the Russians as a replacement for both…

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Autodromo Vallelunga

Autodromo Vallelunga 450x330 - Autodromo Vallelunga

This watch by Autodromo is named after the circuit and has a clear automotive design influence with the front dial resembling an RPM gauge, the overall minimalism in the design appeals to me as does the price, $425 is a lot less than I excepted this to retail for when I first saw it.

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WrenchMonkee #17

monkee17 02 400x330 - WrenchMonkee #17

The WrenchMonkees are a Copenhagen based custom motorcycle garage with a penchant for urban, retro, rideable bikes. WrenchMonkee motorcycles always seem to have an understated, matte finish giving you the impression that they’re the sort of thing Batman would ride when he wasn’t in uniform. This bike is based on a Kawasaki Z 750B, the engine…

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Momo Fighter Helmet

Momo Fighter Helmet Black 450x330 - Momo Fighter Helmet

Momo are producing some of the coolest 3/4 helmets currently on the market, this model, dubbed the “Fighter” pulls design cues from fighter pilot helmets and features a polymer shell, internal slide down sun visor, a Du Pont lining and full ECE 22.05 safety compliance. Grab yours here via Urban Motor.

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