Laguiole Pocketknife with Pistachio Wood Handle

Laguiole Pocketknife with Pistachio Wood Handle 41 450x330

France’s Laguiole region has been renowned for its excellence in elegant knife making for centuries, each blade is handmade and features the signature Napoleonic bee decoration on its spine. Made from 440 stainless steel and with a blade length of 7cm (2.75 inches), these are ideal everyday-carry pocketknives for those who live in countries with…

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BMW Custom by Blitz Motorcycles

BMW Custom by Blitz Motorcycles1 450x330

This new BMW Custom by Blitz Motorcycles has been called the “French Bobber” and very much in the style of the team at Blitz – it looks like something that’ll make the purists wail, gnash their teeth and don garments of sackcloth. Interestingly, the bike started life as 3 separate motorcycles – a BMW R80/7,…

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1936 Delahaye Type 135

Delahaye Type 136 Thumbnail 450x330

The somewhat lengthily named 1936 Delahaye Type 135 Competition Court Teardrop Coupé by Carrosserie Figoni et Falaschi is one of my favourite examples of automotive design from Giuseppe Figoni (also known as Joseph Figoni), a man who’s prowess as a coach builder flourished once it was joined with the business acumen of fellow Italian and…

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Custom W650 by Blitz Motorcycles

Kawasaki W650 Motorcycle Custom 41

Blitz Motorcycles is a French custom motorcycle garage that has the fascinating ability to completely polarise the people who see their bikes into two distinct camps. On the right you have the people who think that the bikes don’t look shiny enough, don’t have enough chrome and don’t look much like the always-polished-rarely-ridden bikes we…

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Roof Boxer V8 Helmet

Roof Boxer V8 Helmet 450x330

The helmet designs from French company Roof are nothing if not unique, the Boxer V8 is a full-face helmet with a flip-up front that swivels around to the rear, allowing the wearer to choose between 3/4 face or full depending on weather and riding conditions.

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