Atlas Steampunk Lamp by Futility Studios

Steampunk Lamp 450x330 - Atlas Steampunk Lamp by Futility Studios

The Atlas V16 Lamp by Futility Studios is a twin-Edison bulb powered floor lamp made almost entirely from parts from vintage automobiles and motorcycles. This particular lamp uses air filters to throw a diffuse, warm light from those incandescent bulbs and would ideally suit a location in the corner of a larger room. The full list…

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EVE by Bandit 9 Motorcycles

Honda SS Custom Motorcycle 450x330 - EVE by Bandit 9 Motorcycles

Some of you may remember EVE, it’s a custom motorcycle we featured a few months ago when the first renderings were released by the team at Bandit 9 motorcycles. It was planned that 9 EVEs would be built to customer specification, each would look remarkably similar but the engine size would vary from 90cc to…

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EVE – A Custom Honda SS by Bandit 9 Motorcycles

EVE by Bandit 9 Motorcycles 450x330 - EVE - A Custom Honda SS by Bandit 9 Motorcycles

EVE is the latest design from Bandit 9 Motorcycles and will form the beginning of their new operation in Saigon. Anyone who’s ever been to Vietnam, or pretty much anywhere else in South East Asia, will immediately understand the importance of the motorcycle to the local residents. In equatorial east Asia motorbikes aren’t weekend rocketships…

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#14 Airship by Alberto Santos-Dumont

14 Hybrid Airship by Alberto Santos Dumont 450x330 - #14 Airship by Alberto Santos-Dumont

  The #14 Hybrid Airship by Alberto Santos-Dumont was the first recorded attempt at combining a fixed wing aircraft with an airship, the above image was taken in 1906 at the #14s inaugural flight on the grounds of the Chateau de Bagatelle in France. As you can probably tell, the flight didn’t go well and the repeated…

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Brass Ion Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric

Brass Ion Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric 450x330 - Brass Ion Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric

When it comes to adding lights to a garage, shed, den or man cave it’s imperative to choose something with a soft light that’s easy on the eyes, so that the hours you spend in there working on your chosen avocation don’t lead to any more headaches than are absolutely necessary. This desktop lamp by…

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Bowlus Road Chief

bowlus road chief trailer - Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief is possibly the most beautiful caravan (or trailer, if you’re American) that I’ve ever seen, it’s an obvious competitor for the Airstream, which has been the defacto polished aluminium home-on-wheels since the 1930s. Interestingly, the chief designer of the Airstream was a man named Hawley Bowlus – the same man whose…

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Espresso Veloce V12 Machine

Espresso Veloce V12 Machine 450x330 - Espresso Veloce V12 Machine

This espresso machine, dubbed the Espresso Veloce V12, is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Only 500 of them will be made with each being crafted from magnesium, titanium and aluminium. The V12 layout is stunning as is the use of exhaust pipes as espresso pipes, the price has not yet been released but you can expect it to make your eyes water, your wallet tremble and your credit card commit seppuku.

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