The New Brough Superior SS100

Brough Superior SS100 22 450x330 - The New Brough Superior SS100

The original Brough Superior SS100 is a motorcycle that needs no introduction to anyone well versed with British history, T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) famously met his end whilst riding an SS100 and swerving to avoid hitting two boys cycling on the road. The company’s creations were famously built to such an exacting standard that…

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Piloti Campione Driving Boots

Piloti Campione Driving Boots 450x330 - Piloti Campione Driving Boots

The new Campione Driving Boots by Piloti are an answer to a question that we’ve been asking for years – what if you want a driving shoe, but don’t want to wear a pair of delicate little loafers with tassels on them? The classically styled driving shoe is not the most manly thing in the…

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Lamborghini Countach LP400S

Lamborghini Countach LP400S 1 450x330 - Lamborghini Countach LP400S

The Lamborghini Countach LP400S represented the first notable tweak of the Countach since its initial introduction in 1971, the LP400S introduced a number of new styling queues that would remain with the model for the rest of its life and become some of the most memorable elements of the Countach. The paradigm changing appearance of the…

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Motorcycle Jacket by Deus x Barbour

Quilted Motorcycle Jacket 450x330 - Motorcycle Jacket by Deus x Barbour

The Euripides Quilted Motorcycle Jacket is the result of a new collaboration between Deus Ex Machina and Barbour, aimed at bringing the 120 year old heritage of the British company to a new generation of motorcyclists. Ideally designed for use in climates with proper winter weather, the Euripides features Barbour’s signature quilted front and back…

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1989 Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002 1 450x330 - 1989 Lamborghini LM002

I’ve always suspected that the Lamborghini LM002 was created in the ’80s by a design team headed by Schwarzenegger and Stallone with additional input on aesthetic direction from Chuck Norris. The fact that it was fitted with the 5.2L V12 from a Lamborghini Countach adds further certainty to this suspicion. Talk to anyone about Lamborghini’s…

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Ex-Schumacher Benetton Formula 1 Car

Benetton Ford Formula 1 Car 450x330 - Ex-Schumacher Benetton Formula 1 Car

It sometimes surprises me how inexpensive it can be to buy a fully functioning Formula 1 car, although I know £240,000 to £300,000 isn’t exactly cheap it also isn’t stupid money for a car that was Nelson Piquet’s last Formula 1 car before it was assigned to a young Martin Brundle and an up and…

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Dino 246 GT Wallpaper

Ferrari Dino 450x330 - Dino 246 GT Wallpaper

The Dino 246 GT was the first car built by Ferrari in significant quantities, it famously wore just the “Dino” badge as Enzo Ferrari didn’t want to dilute the brand by selling a “cheaper” car with his surname on the hood. Rumour has it that the driving force behind the development and release of the…

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1963 Shelby AC Cobra

Shelby Cobra 5 450x330 - 1963 Shelby AC Cobra

Carroll Shelby’s AC Cobra is almost certainly one of the most famous cars of the 20th century and it’s undoubtably the most copied car of all time. Anyone can tell you that the AC Cobra is powered by a Ford V8 but it wasn’t always going to work out this way, when Carroll Shelby went…

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Automotive Art by Andrew McGeachy

Jaguar D Type Le Mans 450x330 - Automotive Art by Andrew McGeachy

Andrew McGeachy is a native of Scotland who has lived in Switzerland for the past 24 years, his art is known for being emotive and highly effective at capturing the speed and chaos of vintage motor racing. These two canvases show two of the most historically significant racing circuits in the world – Monte Carlo…

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