2014 Ural MIR

Ural Sidecar Motorcycle 450x330 - 2014 Ural MIR

The 2014 Ural MIR is a limited edition model from the globally renowned Russian motorcycle manufacturer, it’s been named MIR after the joint Russian-American space mission that kicked off 20 years ago – opening up an unprecedented (and continuing) two decades of cooperation between the two superpowers. For the MIR special edition, Ural have added…

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Russian M-72 Blueprints

Russian M 72 Blueprints 9 450x330 - Russian M-72 Blueprints

The Russian M-72 is a motorcycle that was actually designed in Germany by BMW, the Wehrmacht rejected the model as the planned replacement for the R12 but the Russians loved the design and due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, BMW were able to sell the design and tooling to the Russians as a replacement for both…

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The Red Stuff – Full Documentary

The Red Stuff Full Documentary1 450x330 - The Red Stuff - Full Documentary

The Red Stuff is a fascinating look behind the Iron Curtain at the Soviet space program and the men and women who formed the opposite half of the space race throughout the mid to late 20th century. We all know the names Alan Shepard, Buzz Aldrin, Gus Grissom and many other NASA astronauts but their…

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Vostok Motorcycles

Vostok Motorcycles USSR 450x330 - Vostok Motorcycles

It’s a little known fact that the USSR competed in motorcycle grand prix events in the 1960’s, what’s even more obscure is that they actually did rather well all things considered. The most successful of the Soviet bikes was the Vostok S-364, is was a 4-stroke four cylinder racing bike said to produce 59hp (although this was widely regarded as nonsense) and had a listed top speed of 230kmph.

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Trecol 39294 Amphibious 6×6

Trecol 392941 450x330 - Trecol 39294 Amphibious 6x6

Meet the utterly unnecessary and batshit-fabulous Trecol 39294 6×6. You can keep your Hummer. We want one of these. Designed for use by the Russian military, Trecol are now selling these zombie-crunchers to civilians who find themselves needing an amphibious, six-wheel-drive hell-mobile. The 39294 has a top speed of 80kph but it’ll do that speed over any surface (think snow, ice, tundra, peasants and desert sand), it seats 8 in comfort and has a temperature operating range of -60C to +60C.

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