Stories of Bike – Sister

Girls Riding Motorcycles 2 450x330 - Stories of Bike - Sister

Sister is the latest episode in the popular Stories of Bike film series by director Cam Elkins, this episode features best-friends Maria and Nina – both Swedish women who currently live in Sydney and spend their weekends throwing their swags onto the back of their motorcycles and setting off into the countryside to see what they can see….

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The Hill Fighter by Rising Sun Workshop

48 Sportster Custom 450x330 - The Hill Fighter by Rising Sun Workshop

The Hill Fighter is the first in-house custom built by the team at the Rising Sun Workshop in Sydney, Australia. It’s based on a Harley-Davidson Sportster but as you can see from the video above, it’s an exceedingly thorough rebuild that’s seen almost every element of the design rebuilt, redesigned or replaced. We’ve previously featured Rising Sun on…

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Suus Black Moto Gloves

Suus Gloves 1 450x330 - Suus Black Moto Gloves

Suus is a boutique Australian company that makes a small collection of low production volume motorcycle gear, they also sell a hand-picked selection of other products and at the moment they even have a rather tempting stockpile of vintage motorcycle magazines for sale. These gloves by Suus have a leather outer, a double-layer palm and…

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End of an Era – Bathurst 1979

Peter Brock 450x330 - End of an Era - Bathurst 1979

End of an Era is a film presented by Australian racing legend Peter Brock, it covers a little of the history of the infamous Bathurst race held at Mount Panorama but its main focus is on the extraordinary performance of Brock and co-driver Jim Richards at the 1979 race – the two men won the…

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Kawasaki W650 Hardtail by Deus

Kawasaki W650 Hardtail 10 450x330 - Kawasaki W650 Hardtail by Deus

The Kawasaki W650 is a motorcycle that’s found a loving home in Australia, the classic looks combined with modern reliability make it very nearly the perfect motorcycle for those who want an engine bolted between two wheels with no additional complications. This simplicity has made the W650 and the follow up model, the W800, very…

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Stories of Bike – Two Cities: Part 2

Stories of Bike Two Cities 450x330 - Stories of Bike - Two Cities: Part 2

As many regular readers of Silodrome will know, I have a bit of a soft spot for the Stories of Bike series by Cam Elkins. This film is the second part in the Two Cities series that covers The Rising Sun Workshop in Sydney and The Kustom Kommune in Melbourne, including an in-depth look at the…

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Stories of Bike – Answers

StoriesOfBike S2 Jonathan Gibson 2 small 450x330 - Stories of Bike - Answers

Stories of Bike is a film series by director Cam Elkins, it’s quickly garnered a huge amount of respect and airtime around the world and if you’re a motorcyclist, you owe it to yourself to watch each of the films at least once. This film is the story of Jonathan, a guy who decided to…

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1979 Castrol International Rally

1979 Castrol Rally 450x330 - 1979 Castrol International Rally

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of The Castrol International Rally, it was a local Australian rally held in the wilderness around Australia’s capital city of Canberra between ’74 and ’81. This film covers the 1979 event and it offers a fantastic look back at rally racing in the simpler, less technical era of the…

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The Swag

oztrail biker swag 450x330 - The Swag

The Oztrail Biker Swag is a modern take on the classic Australian “swag” – a small tent designed to hold one person and not much else. These utilitarian shelters were created by Jackaroos (Australian cowboys) who needed a small, simple shelter that could be strapped to the back of their horses. As it happens, motorcyclists…

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1966 Brabham-Repco BT20 Formula 1 Car

brabham f1 car 7 450x330 - 1966 Brabham-Repco BT20 Formula 1 Car

The 1966 Brabham-Repco BT20 Formula 1 car is a testament to old fashioned Aussie ingenuity, the Australians (and New Zealanders) have always been so far away from the large manufacturing industries of Europe and North America that they’ve had to learn to adapt, repurpose and invent things rather than just walk down the road and…

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