Harley-Davidson Sportster by Gasoline Motor Co.

Harley Davidson Sportster 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Sportster by Gasoline Motor Co.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster is one of the longest running production motorcycles in the world, and for good reason. They’re mechanically simple, easy to work on and customise, and perhaps most importantly – there’s a huge aftermarket parts selection that’s probably unmatched for any other single model. There are some that’ll try to tell you that…

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Saint Bromley Armoured Flight Jacket

Saint Bromley Armoured Flight Jacket  450x330 - Saint Bromley Armoured Flight Jacket

The Bromley Armoured Flight Jacket is a new release from Australian company Saint – and it’s aimed directly at motorcyclists who need gear they can wear both on and off their bike. Saint modelled the jacket on an original 1947 US military flight deck jacket, with some changes made to the cut to suit more…

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Saint Base Layer Kevlar Merino

Saint Base Layer Kevlar Merino 450x330 - Saint Base Layer Kevlar Merino

The Saint Base Layer Kevlar Merino is a long sleeve crew designed to be the perfect middle-layer for motorcyclists who need to contend with cooler weather. Merino wool is famous for its heat insulating properties, and Saint have woven it together with DuPont™ Kevlar® para-aramid double spun fibres to provide significant abrasion resistance. Saint offer…

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The Ladies of the Australian Underworld

Vintage Australian Mugshot Photograph 16 450x330 - The Ladies of the Australian Underworld

The Forensic Photography Archive is a collection of over 130,000 images taken in the 1910s through to the 1960s in jails and police stations in Sydney, Australia. The images from early in the collection are all scans of wet plate photographs, and the amount of detail and character captured is quite remarkable – arguably better…

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Sydney to London on a Wing and a Prayer

59. Main road down the mountain Indian Himalayas 450x330 - Sydney to London on a Wing and a Prayer

Dot. Sydney to London on a Wing and a Prayer. Is a film that documents the journey of Nathan Millward from Sydney to London in 2009. He set off from Sydney with no plans, not much money, no visas and no experience. His motorcycle is a trusty Australian “Postie” that he nicknamed “Dot”, it’s a…

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Honda CB900F Bol d’Or

scott67537.ret3  450x330 - Honda CB900F Bol d’Or

The Honda CB900F Bol d’Or was essentially the next step up from the venerable and staggeringly successful CB750, a motorcycle that had almost single-handedly launched the high-performance, large capacity Japanese superbike on the world in 1969. Although it’s almost sacrilege in many circles to speak ill of the CB750 it did have one major caveat….

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Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet 3 450x330 - Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is a minimalist leather wallet developed to avoid the bulging back pocket that we’ve all suffered from at some point. It has space for between 3 and 11 cards, notes, coins, it measures in at 3.6 x 4 inches and it’s made from naturally tanned leather. Bellroy backs each of…

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Ikara Anti-Submarine Tail Fin

Ikara Anti Submarine Tail Fin 450x330 - Ikara Anti-Submarine Tail Fin

The Ikara was an Australian anti-submarine missile developed in 1959, over the course of its life it would be used by the Australian, British, Brazilian, New Zealand and Chilean navies. Ikara is an Australian Aboriginal word for “throwing stick”, it was powered by a Bristol Aerojet Murawa two-stage solid-fuel rocket engine and could be controlled…

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A Long Hard Day – The 1980 Bathurst 1000

1980 Hardie Ferodo Bathurst 1000 Race Holden Commodore 450x330 - A Long Hard Day - The 1980 Bathurst 1000

The 1980 Bathurst 1000 was officially titled the “Hardie Ferodo 1000”, it took place on the 5th of October at the world renowned Mount Panorama Circuit in the town of Bathurst in south eastern Australia. This would be the first year that the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon would meet at Bathurst, and it was…

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Saint Motorcycle Denim Jacket

Motorcycle Denim Jacket 450x330 - Saint Motorcycle Denim Jacket

The Motorcycle Denim Jacket by Saint is different to the denim jackets you’ve encountered in the past in one very important way – it’s made from a proprietary blend of cotton and Dyneema® unbreakable UHMWPE fibres. This hybrid fabric is 20 times tougher than standard denim, and will hold up far better to the unforgiving asphalt…

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