Spitfire Pen – Made From An Original Spitfire Propeller

Spitfire Pen 450x330 - Spitfire Pen - Made From An Original Spitfire Propeller

The Spitfire Pen is a creation of the Hordern Richmond Aircraft Company, they’ve been in business since 1937 when the company was founded by Frederick Gordon-Lennox (the 9th Duke of Richmond) and Edmund Hordern. During WWII they built many of the propellers for British fighters and bombers, as well as the Hordern Richmond Autoplane. In…

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MWC Dive Watch

gvuweut37u mwc watches mwc 300m 1000ft 0 original 450x330 - MWC Dive Watch

MWC is a Swiss company founded in the 1970s that designs and builds watches for military units around the world, as well as police forces, anti-terrorist units, mining companies, specialist marine security units, shipping and salvage organizations, and a wide variety of government agencies and departments. Each MWC watch is made with three criteria in…

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1933 Model 1 Enigma Cipher Machine

Model 1 Enigma cipher machine 450x330 - 1933 Model 1 Enigma Cipher Machine

The Enigma was invented shortly after the end of the First World War, and it would go on to be one of the most important machines of the Second. The device itself is relatively small, about the size of a mobile typewriter, but it was capable of encrypting messages in any of 159 million million…

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How to Fly the B-25 – 1944 USAAF Training Film

How to Fly the B 25 Mitchell Bomber 1944 USAAF Training Film 450x330 - How to Fly the B-25 - 1944 USAAF Training Film

This is the original United States Army Air Forces training film for trainee pilots of the North American B-25 Mitchell – a tough-as-nails bomber that served in every theater of World War II and stayed in active service for over 40 years. Over 10,000 B-25 Mitchells were built and there are many airworthy examples still…

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WWII Documentary: Autobiography of a Jeep

Autobiography of a Jeep 450x330 - WWII Documentary: Autobiography of a Jeep

Autobiography of a Jeep is a relatively short film at just under 10 minutes in length, it was created in 1943 during the Second World War by United Films to show young GIs how the Jeep had come about, and also to instill a certain amount of affection in their hearts for the little 4×4. It’s…

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SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad

SU Kettenkrad 9 450x330 - SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad

Designated “SdKfz 2” by the German military but more commonly known as the “Kettenkrad”, the tracked motorcycle was used extensively on both the Eastern Front and the North African desert, and it retains the historical distinction of being the fastest tracked vehicle of the Second World War. The Story of the SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad The top speed…

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Paintball Gun Equipped Daimler Ferret

Daimler Ferret Scout Car 450x330 - Paintball Gun Equipped Daimler Ferret

Taking an original 1958 Daimler Ferret Scout Car and fitting it with a paintball gun is the kind of thing many of us like would do, given the appropriate financial resources and free time. Fortunately, an eccentric Brit found the time and money, and this is the result. History of the Daimler Ferret Scout Car The Daimler Ferret…

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Harley-Davidson MT500

Harley Davidson MT500 6 450x330 - Harley-Davidson MT500

The Harley-Davidson MT500 is a bit of an unusual motorcycle. It’s thought that just 500 were ever made, and it’s not known how many have survived in original condition. The MT500 is powered by a 500cc Rotax single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with 4 valves, 5 gears, and kickstart only. It’s a mechanically simple motorcycle designed explicitly…

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US Army Vietnam Training Film: Shotgun Rider

Shotgun Rider Film 450x330 - US Army Vietnam Training Film: Shotgun Rider

Shotgun Rider is a 1967 training film created by The Army Pictorial Center for new recruits in training for deployment to Vietnam as helicopter door gunners – nicknamed “shotgun riders”. Despite the name, door gunners actually used M60 machine guns, which they trained to use both on a mount and freehand. The film features a…

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Aluminium Spitfire

Aluminium Spitfire 450x330 - Aluminium Spitfire

This aluminium Spitfire model measures in at 60.5cm long x 75.5cm wide x 17cm high, and it’s been designed to either sit on its own retractable landing gear, or be mounted on a metal plinth (supplied). The model has a fully detailed cockpit with a sliding canopy, intricately detailed rivet stamps across the wings and fuselage,…

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