Suus x Richa Kevlar Armoured Moto Jeans

Mason suus jeans d30 450x330

The new Mason Kevlar Armoured Moto Jeans are a recent collaboration from Suus and Richa – directed at the under-served female sector of the motorcycle world. Each pair is made from classic denim with 6% spandex for stretch, for abrasion protection they have Dupont™ Kevlar® Aranium® reinforcements in the hips, seat, the side of legs,…

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Saint Tough Jeans

Saint Tough Jeans 450x330

The new-for-2016 Saint Tough Jeans have been specifically developed for motorcyclists using Saint’s unique blend of denim woven with 18% content of Dyneema’s Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, otherwise known as the strongest fibers in the world. This makes the material 7-times stronger than standard denim, as well as affording it 360º impact, burst and abrasion…

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Ain’t No Sissy Leather Jacket by Black Arrow

Aint No Sissy Leather Jacket by Black Arrow 450x330

Black Arrow is an Australian motorcycle gear company that was founded to provide a equipment specifically for female motorcyclists. Each of their jackets and other products have been developed to fit the female form, rather than as a female version of a pre-existing men’s product. The Ain’t No Sissy Leather Jacket you see here has a…

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Saint Bromley Armoured Flight Jacket

Saint Bromley Armoured Flight Jacket  450x330

The Bromley Armoured Flight Jacket is a new release from Australian company Saint – and it’s aimed directly at motorcyclists who need gear they can wear both on and off their bike. Saint modelled the jacket on an original 1947 US military flight deck jacket, with some changes made to the cut to suit more…

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Saint Base Layer Kevlar Merino

Saint Base Layer Kevlar Merino 450x330

The Saint Base Layer Kevlar Merino is a long sleeve crew designed to be the perfect middle-layer for motorcyclists who need to contend with cooler weather. Merino wool is famous for its heat insulating properties, and Saint have woven it together with DuPont™ Kevlar® para-aramid double spun fibres to provide significant abrasion resistance. Saint offer…

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The Ladies of the Australian Underworld

Vintage Australian Mugshot Photograph 16 450x330

The Forensic Photography Archive is a collection of over 130,000 images taken in the 1910s through to the 1960s in jails and police stations in Sydney, Australia. The images from early in the collection are all scans of wet plate photographs, and the amount of detail and character captured is quite remarkable – arguably better…

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Honda CB900F Bol d’Or

scott67537.ret3  450x330

The Honda CB900F Bol d’Or was essentially the next step up from the venerable and staggeringly successful CB750, a motorcycle that had almost single-handedly launched the high-performance, large capacity Japanese superbike on the world in 1969. Although it’s almost sacrilege in many circles to speak ill of the CB750 it did have one major caveat….

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Black Arrow Wild & Free Motorcycle Jacket

Black Arrow Wild Free Motorcycle Jacket 3 450x330

The Wild & Free Motorcycle Jacket by Black Arrow is a recent release in the rapidly expanding demographic of women’s moto-wear, possibly the most underserved segment in the hotly contested global market for motorcycle gear. Black Arrow is the first company that I’m aware of that specialises in only producing gear for women – allowing…

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Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet 3 450x330

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is a minimalist leather wallet developed to avoid the bulging back pocket that we’ve all suffered from at some point. It has space for between 3 and 11 cards, notes, coins, it measures in at 3.6 x 4 inches and it’s made from naturally tanned leather. Bellroy backs each of…

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Ikara Anti-Submarine Tail Fin

Ikara Anti Submarine Tail Fin 450x330

The Ikara was an Australian anti-submarine missile developed in 1959, over the course of its life it would be used by the Australian, British, Brazilian, New Zealand and Chilean navies. Ikara is an Australian Aboriginal word for “throwing stick”, it was powered by a Bristol Aerojet Murawa two-stage solid-fuel rocket engine and could be controlled…

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