BMW 2002 Tii Racer

BMW 2002 Tii 29 450x330 - BMW 2002 Tii Racer

The BMW 2002 is a car that only came into existence thanks to a happy coincidence and some pressure from Max Hoffman – the pre-eminent automobile importer in the USA at the time. At some point in the mid 1960s, Helmut Werner Bönsch (BMW’s director of product planning) and Alex von Falkenhausen (the designer of…

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Bugatti Type 73C Grand Prix Monoposto

Bugatti Type 73C Grand Prix Monoposto 450x330 - Bugatti Type 73C Grand Prix Monoposto

The Bugatti Type 73C was to be one of the last great achievements of the iconic French automaker – development of the new Grand Prix racer began in 1944 towards the end of WWII, and the first car began assembly in 1947. The Type 73C was fitted with a 1.5 litre DOHC all-alloy engine with…

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Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint Supergioiello

Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint Supergioiello 5 450x330 - Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint Supergioiello

The Alfa Romeo 1900C was introduced in 1951 as the coupe version of the four-door Alfa Romeo 1900, the addition of the C in the name wasn’t for coupe as many assume, but for corto – the Italian word for short. The 1900 model series was the first new Alfa Romeo to be built after…

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Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ – Tubolare Zagato

alfa romeo giulia tubolare zagato 1 450x330 - Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ - Tubolare Zagato

The Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ (Tubolare Zagato) is one of the most successful road racing Alfas of the 1960s, despite its dominance in European racing events it’s still more famous for its good-looks and its iconic Kammback tail – designed in collaboration with Wunibald Kamm himself. Alfa rolled out the Giulia TZ in 1963, it…

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Bugatti Type 35

Bugatti Type 35 450x330 - Bugatti Type 35

The Bugatti Type 35 was one of the most successful racing cars of pre-WWII Europe and today it stands as one go the most successful racing cars of all time. The iconic Bugatti horseshoe grill fitted to the front of the Type 35 is the one that set the standard for all that would follow,…

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MGC GTS Sebring

MGC GTS Sebring 450x330 - MGC GTS Sebring

The MGC GTS is a special high-performance version of the MGC, just two were built at the MG factory at Abingdon before the program was discontinued – but fortunately there were also four lightweight shells MGC GTC constructed at the Competitions Department, which were sold to John Chatham with the additional components needed to finish…

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1977 Chevron B36

Chevron Racing Car 450x330 - 1977 Chevron B36

Chevron Cars Ltd is a small British automaker that should really be a whole lot more famous than it is (outside of the motor racing community). The company was founded by Derek Bennett in 1965 as a way to sell his own unique and successful racing car designs to other privateer racers in the United…

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Guy Martin’s Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 450x330 - Guy Martin's Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

Guy Martin is a down to earth motorcycle racer and truck mechanic who shot to worldwide fame in 2011 when the documentary Closer to the Edge was released – a film that followed the men and machines of the 2010 Isle of Man TT races – specifically Ian Hutchinson and Guy Martin. Martin has 15 podium…

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Norton Manx Model 30

Norton Manx 450x330 - Norton Manx Model 30

The Norton Manx Model 30 is a motorcycle that lives on half a century after its production ceased thanks to its legendary status as an Isle of Man TT machine that had few, if any, rivals in its day. Norton built the Manx between 1946 and 1962, although the examples from the beginning and end…

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Niki Lauda’s March 711 Formula 1 Car

March Formula 1 Car 1 450x330 - Niki Lauda's March 711 Formula 1 Car

Niki Lauda is one of Formula 1’s great heroes. Rather than the typical rags to riches tale, Niki’s was a story of riches to rags, he left behind his family’s staggering wealth and took out bank loans to fund his racing – loans that were guaranteed by his own life insurance policy. Fortunately, Lauda was…

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1984 Honda CB1100R

Honda CB1100R 450x330 - 1984 Honda CB1100R

The Honda CB1100R was the first homologation special built by the Japanese marque, and it was only sold in markets where it was to be raced – Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Honda based the 1100R on the popular CB900F, it’s total capacity was increased to 1062cc and it maintained the same DOHC,…

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