Gilera Saturno

Gilera Saturno Motorcycle 10 450x330

The Gilera Saturno was designed in the late 1930s and first shown to the public in 1940, just as the dark clouds of WWII descended over the continent. Due to the war effort the first real production models were introduced in 1946 but by then the ability of the Saturno as a race bike was…

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BMW 2002 Turbo

BMW 2002 Turbo 6 450x330

The BMW 2002 Turbo was the fastest version of the iconic 2002 model – which was arguably the car that launched BMW to the front of the pack for those who wanted a sports car that would fit a spouse and three kids plus luggage when needed. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the…

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OMP Le Mans Race Suit

OMP Le Mans Race Suit 450x330

The OMP Le Mans Race Suit was developed to look very similar to the suits worn by the big names in Formula One and Le Mans in the 1960s, whilst incorporating all the safety advancements that have been made in the intervening decades. OMP have built the Le Mans as a 3 layer suit with…

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Ronnie Peterson: 1975 Documentary

Ronnie Peterson Formula 1 450x330

Editor’s Note: The original documentary was deleted, but we’ve added in an Italian one above. You can turn on auto translate by clicking the “settings” cog on the lower right side of the YouTube frame. Ronnie Peterson was a Swedish Formula One driver whose career was cut short in a first corner incident with James…

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1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra

Shelby 427 Competition Cobra 450x330

In the mid-60s the Corvettes were rapidly catching the Cobras, Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles knew they had to add significant horsepower to the chassis if they were to keep winning everything in sight, and their partnership with Ford limited their engine choices to blue oval only. The Shelby Cobra had originally been introduced with…

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Paris-Dakar Veteran: 2007 KTM 660 Rallye

KTM 660 Rallye 450x330

KTM have won the motorcycle class of the Paris-Dakar every year since 2001, one of the most significant winning streaks in the history of the event. The first Paris-Dakar was run in 1978, it was organised by Thierry Sabine who realised that the desert would be a fantastic place for an endurance race – when…

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Ducati Dustbin Special

Ducati 175cc Dustbin Special 450x330

This Ducati Dustbin Special was built by world-renowned metal fabricator Evan Wilcox, a man with a minimum 12 month waiting list on new parts who has fabricated just about every body part you can imagine for motorcycles from Nortons and Vincents to Ducatis and Moto Morinis. When it came time for Evan to build a…

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The 1956 Monte Carlo Rally

Monte Carlo Rally 450x330

By 1956 the Monte Carlo Rally was already 45 years old, and very well established as one of the world’s pre-eminent road racing events. Automobile manufacturers used it as a way to publicly show off the toughness and reliability of their vehicles, and played down the amount of mechanical work the driver and co-driver typically…

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McLaren M1B Can-Am

McLaren M1B Can Am 450x330

The McLaren M1B was an evolution of the M1A – the new version delivered a 20% stiffer chassis with no weight gain thanks to the work of engineer Robin Herd. The body design was also developed to take advantage of advances in aerodynamic theory, the new nose was more rounded and the tail was chopped…

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