Kawasaki KZ400

Kawasaki KZ400 10 450x330 - Kawasaki KZ400

Discovered via WideOpenMoto this Kawasaki KZ400 has had the off-road treatment applied front to back, the chunky off road tires, stripped back frame and nicely tidied up rear end give the bike an appealing, post-apolocalypic feel with the distressed tank and engine rounding out the theme quite nicely.

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1974 Honda CL360

1974 Honda CL 360 7 450x330 - 1974 Honda CL360

This great little 1974 Honda CL360 Café Racer is another in the recent crop of outstanding motorcycles to pop up on eBay under the “vintage” tag, the current owner is also the builder and by the sounds of things, he’s gone all out and created an almost perfect around-town-belter.

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Honda CB350F-CB400F Café Racer

Honda CB400F Café Racer 450x330 - Honda CB350F-CB400F Café Racer

This unique café racer is a hybrid of sorts, not the Priusy kind of hybrid that smells like lentils, but a hybrid in the same way the Triton is a hybrid. The man behind this bike used a 1973 CB350F frame and coupled it to a Honda CB400F engine, making all the necessary adjustments and modifications, and…

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