BMW Monolever by Flat Racer

BMW Monolever 4

Flat Racer is a boutique London-based company that produces some eye-catching accessories for vintage BMW motorcycles, the bike you see above started life as a stock 1990 BMW Monolever before being kitted out in a new full-fairing – giving it an entirely new lease on life. When the team at Flat Racer set out to…

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Nigel Mansell’s Steering Wheel

Nigel Mansell steering wheel

This is Nigel Mansell’s Momo steering wheel from the 1982 Brazilian Grand Prix, it was originally fitted to his John Player Special Lotus 91, it’s the wheel he used to steer himself to the 3rd place step on the podium and it’s now been mounted on a stack of gearbox cogs. The JPS Lotus heritage…

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Custom Speedometer Collection

custom speedometer gauge 11

  In the build up to this year’s The One Motorcycle Show, Seattle Speedometer and Pen & Screen Printing Co. joined forces with a slew of artists from around the motosphere to create this unique collection of speedometers. Each was handpainted before being reassembled and all of them are fully-functioning. If you’d like to order…

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Jaguar F1 Cufflinks

Formula 1 cufflinks

  These matching cufflinks have been crafted from twin bolts used to retain the crank within the engine block on an original Formula 1 car from the era when Jaguar was racing in F1. They’re each made by hand by the team at Ledon Engineering and somewhat surprisingly, the price tag is just $36 USD for…

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Vintage Motorcycle Tires

Vintage Motorcycle Tires - Firestone Deluxe Champion

I quite often get emails from readers asking me where certain motorcycle builders get their vintage motorcycle tires (well, retro motorcycle tires is probably a more accurate description), so I decided to create a post dedicated to the older style tires.

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