Custom Speedometer Collection

custom speedometer gauge 11

  In the build up to this year’s The One Motorcycle Show, Seattle Speedometer and Pen & Screen Printing Co. joined forces with a slew of artists from around the motosphere to create this unique collection of speedometers. Each was handpainted before being reassembled and all of them are fully-functioning. If you’d like to order…

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Jaguar F1 Cufflinks

Formula 1 cufflinks

  These matching cufflinks have been crafted from twin bolts used to retain the crank within the engine block on an original Formula 1 car from the era when Jaguar was racing in F1. They’re each made by hand by the team at Ledon Engineering and somewhat surprisingly, the price tag is just $36 USD for…

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Vintage Motorcycle Tires

Vintage Motorcycle Tires - Firestone Deluxe Champion

I quite often get emails from readers asking me where certain motorcycle builders get their vintage motorcycle tires (well, retro motorcycle tires is probably a more accurate description), so I decided to create a post dedicated to the older style tires.

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