In the build up to this year’s The One Motorcycle Show, Seattle Speedometer and Pen & Screen Printing Co. joined forces with a slew of artists from around the motosphere to create this unique collection of speedometers. Each was handpainted before being reassembled and all of them are fully-functioning.

If you’d like to order a custom speedo or you’d like to get your current gauges refurbished you can visit Seattle Speedometer here, you’ll be in good hands – the team at SS have done high level custom work for Abarth, BMW, Bugatti, Ducati, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Talbot-Lago, Volkswagen and Walt Siegl over the years.

From top to bottom the artists are:

1. Seattle Speedometer/Pen & Screen – Seattle/Portland
2. Stevie Gee – UK –
3. Raulowsky – Spain –
4. Grant Ray – Culver City CA –
5. Thomas Bradley – Portland OR –
6. Ben Ellenberger – Seattle WA – Pinstriper
7. Johnny Swing – Brookline VT –
8. Bob Hansen – Portland OR – Puddlecutters Moped Gang
9. Brent Wick – Portland OR –
10. Kurt Walter (ICON) – Portland OR – Design Director for
11. Cheyenne Randall – Seattle, WA – @Indiangiver on Instagram


custom speedometer gauge

custom speedometer gauge 10

custom speedometer gauge 9

custom speedometer gauge 8

custom speedometer gauge 3

custom speedometer gauge 4

custom speedometer gauge 5

custom speedometer gauge 6

custom speedometer gauge 2

custom speedometer gauge 1

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