Flugplatz Flyer Wallpaper

Nurburgring Flugplatz Flyer Wallpaper1 450x330 - Flugplatz Flyer Wallpaper

Flugplatz is an uphill, twin-apex corner on the south west section of the infamous Nürburgring. The name literally means “flying place” in German, though interestingly the name didn’t come from the flying automobiles frequently seen in the area – the Flugplatz was named because of its proximity to an abandoned glider airfield. The photograph you…

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Divina Galica Wallpaper

Divina Galica 450x330 - Divina Galica Wallpaper

Divina Galica was only the third woman to ever race in Formula 1, interestingly it came about because she was a British Olympic skier and was invited to take part in a celebrity automobile race. She stunned the field with her talent and was quickly hired to race in the 1976 British Shellsport International Group…

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Nürburgring Wallpaper

Nürburgring Wallpaper1 450x330 - Nürburgring Wallpaper

The Nordschleife (northern loop) of the Nürburgring is a circuit that any true racing enthusiast needs to attempt at least once – Jackie Stewart famously referred to it as the Green Hell due to the fact that it’s 20.8 kilometres (12.9 miles) long, covers over 300 meters (984 feet) of elevation changes and has minimal…

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Winnipeg Roughriders Motorcycle Club

Winnipeg Roughriders Motorcycle Club 450x330 - Winnipeg Roughriders Motorcycle Club

This fantastic photograph shows the Winnipeg Roughriders Motorcycle Club at a hill climb near Miami (Manitoba, Canada) in 1945. Most (if not all) of these men would have fought during WWII, many returning veterans found solace in the company of like-minded former soldiers and relatively cheap ex-Army motorcycles were easy to come by. This resulted…

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Nissan Skyline Cutaway Wallpaper

Nissan Skyline Cutaway Wallpaper 450x330 - Nissan Skyline Cutaway Wallpaper

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is without question one of the most important sports cars ever to come out of Japan, I know there are contrarians out there who’ll attempt to argue with me about that statement, but these people are simpletons and it’s best to ignore them. The Skyline started life as car built by…

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Mini Cooper S Cutaway Wallpaper

Mini Cooper Cutaway 450x330 - Mini Cooper S Cutaway Wallpaper

This is a cutaway of the now legendary #52 Mini Cooper S driven to victory at the 1965 Monte Carlo Rallye by the Timo Mäkinen / Paul Easter team. The variety seen in the field of cars that entered in ’65 was extraordinary, the second and third place finishers were Eugen Böhringer / Rolf Wütherich…

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Juan Manuel Fangio Wallpaper

Juan Manuel Fangio Wallpaper 450x330 - Juan Manuel Fangio Wallpaper

Juan Manuel Fangio has the unique distinction of having the highest winning percentage (46.15%) of any driver in the history of Grand Prix motor racing, he’s also the only man to have won five world titles with four separate teams (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Maserati). Looking at the current format used in Formula 1 motor…

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Easy Rider – Wallpaper

Dennis Hopper Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson in EASY RIDER 450x330 - Easy Rider - Wallpaper

This photograph of Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson was taken during the filming of Easy Rider in 1969. The quintessentially American film is remarkable for a number of reasons, one of the most interesting bits of trivia is that real drugs were used during filming, instead of prop-drugs as was the norm. Once…

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Railroad Tracks Wallpaper

Railroad Tracks Wallpaper 450x330 - Railroad Tracks Wallpaper

This stunning wallpaper was sent in by a regular reader earlier this week, we don’t have a whole lot of information to go on regarding its origins so if you know who took it, please get in touch and let us know. The full-size version is below, it measures 2560 x 1440 pixels and can…

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Consolidated PBY Catalina Wallpaper

Consolidated PBY Catalina Plane 450x330 - Consolidated PBY Catalina Wallpaper

The Consolidated PBY Catalina is an unusually named aircraft with a unusual set of abilities, it was designed in 1935 to fill an order for the US Navy who were seeking a flying boat for use in the Pacific – it was a surprisingly prophetic order and the Catalina would see intensive use throughout the Pacific (and…

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Bonneville Salt Flats Retina Wallpaper

Bonneville Salt Flats Retina Wallpaper 450x330 - Bonneville Salt Flats Retina Wallpaper

  The Bonneville Salt Flats are amongst the most important and hallowed parts of the world for those who eat, breathe and sleep gasoline. Situated in Tooele County in northwestern Utah, the salt flats are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year as the global centre of land speed record attempts, the first ever record on the densely packed salt pan was set by “Terrible”…

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