Stirling Moss and a Cup of Tea

Stirling Moss and a Cup of Tea 450x330 - Stirling Moss and a Cup of Tea

The image above is undoubtably one of the most English things I’ve ever seen, it was taken in 1959 and shows British Formula 1 driver and racing legend Sir Stirling Moss enjoying a hot cup of tea in the cockpit of his Vanwall grand prix racing car. A couple of years earlier in 1957 Vanwall…

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Bonneville Salt Flats Retina Wallpaper

Bonneville Salt Flats Retina Wallpaper 450x330 - Bonneville Salt Flats Retina Wallpaper

  The Bonneville Salt Flats are amongst the most important and hallowed parts of the world for those who eat, breathe and sleep gasoline. Situated in Tooele County in northwestern Utah, the salt flats are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year as the global centre of land speed record attempts, the first ever record on the densely packed salt pan was set by “Terrible”…

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City Explorer Camera Bag by Wotancraft Atelier

City Explorer Camera Bag by Wotancraft Atelier 2 450x330 - City Explorer Camera Bag by Wotancraft Atelier

The City Explorer is a professional-grade camera bag by Wotancraft Atelier designed specifically for use in urban environments. Each bag has room for 2 x DSLRs, 2 x additional lenses, a large flash and other accessories, it also includes an internal waterproof compartment and a padded pocket for a 13″ laptop or iPad. The bag’s exterior…

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Steve McQueen Wallpaper

Steve McQueen Wallpaper 450x330 - Steve McQueen Wallpaper

  The photograph above is one of the best images of Steve McQueen I’ve ever come across, it shows the tail end of the Jaguar XKSS behind him on the right as well as the front end of a motorcycle parked next to his young daughter’s vehicle of choice on the left. The smile on…

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James Hunt Wallpaper

james hunt wallpaper 450x330 - James Hunt Wallpaper

Many of you have been asking where you can get a high-resolution download of that James Hunt picture we added on Facebook yesterday, I’ve added it above in a 1200 pixel wide desktop wallpaper ready format, all you need to do is drag and drop it to your computer’s desktop – If you’d like the…

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Lubitel 2 Camera

Lubitel 2 Lomo Camera1 450x330 - Lubitel 2 Camera

The Lubitel 2 camera is an early Soviet design from the Leningrad “GOMZ” factory that would later be known as “LOMO”, you may recognise its second name due to the fact that decades later the slightly shoddy workmanship and desaturated photographs would go onto spawn the modern trend of “Instagramming” otherwise normal images to make…

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Fabien Oefner’s Disintegrating Cars

Fabien Oefner’s Disintegrating Cars 1 450x330 - Fabien Oefner’s Disintegrating Cars

Fabien Oefner’s Disintegrating Cars is an art exhibition that opened at the M.A.D (mechanical art devices) Gallery in Geneva in late November. Rather incredibly, each photograph is compiled from hundreds of individual shots, painstakingly pieced together over a period of 2 months. There is no 3D-modelled-CGI wizardry here, each component was positioned carefully, photographed and…

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The Wounded Warriors Project

TON UP091 - The Wounded Warriors Project

The Wounded Warriors Project is a US based organisation dedicated to helping servicemen and women readjust to society after returning from deployment. The project has a remarkable success rate and over the past 10 years has helped thousands of men and women re-enter society with jobs, social programs, community events and career training. The images…

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