Documentary: Porsche – Made By Hand

Porsche Factory 450x330

Made By Hand is a documentary commissioned by Porsche in the 1950s to showcase their 356 model, the film follows the production of the 356 from sheet metal to finished product, including panel assembly, painting, engine machining, gearbox assembly, and even the final wheel alignment and road testing. It’s a fascinating look back at the…

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Shinya Kimura – Chabott Engineering

Shinya Kimura Face 450x330

This short film by Henrik Hansen about Shinya Kimura first came out just over 6 years ago, and it had a huge impact on both the custom motorcycle scene and the burgeoning world of motorcycle-centric short films. I’ve met a number of people recently who’ve never seen Shinya Kimura – Chabott Engineering and so despite the…

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Tonino Lamborghini on Ferruccio Lamborghini

Lamborghini 450x330

Ferruccio Lamborghini is a towering figure in the history of sports automobiles – and it almost never came to be. The story of how Ferruccio turned from making tractors to sports cars is the thing of automotive legend, and unlike many legends, this one is actually true. This short film by Quartamarcia features Tonino Lamborghini…

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Burt Munro: Offerings To The God Of Speed

Burt Munro Photograph 450x330

Burt Munro: Offerings To The God Of Speed is a documentary that was made many years before Munro became an international icon thanks to the Anthony Hopkins film The World’s Fastest Indian. Burt was born in New Zealand in 1899, he’s most famous for his incredible exploits at Bonneville but in his earlier life he was a professional speedway rider,  a…

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The First Baja 1000 – 27 Hours to La Paz

The First Baja 1000 27 Hours to La Paz 450x330

27 Hours to La Paz is the story of the the First Baja 1000, a desert race that seems almost as though it was specifically designed to destroy man and machine. It started in Tijuana, Baja California, on October 31, 1967, the course length that year was 849 miles (1,366kms) and it ended in La…

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Documentary: Pluspy

Keiichi Tsuchiya 450x330

Pluspy is a low budget 1987 film that many credit with launching the popular drifting scene in Japan, from there it caught on in the USA and further afield, and today it’s one of the fastest growing forms of motorsport in the world. The concept of power-sliding a car through corners was far from new…

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1967 Can-Am at Road America

1967 Can Am at Road America 450x330

The original Can-Am series, otherwise known as the Canadian-American Challenge Cup, ran between 1966 and 1974. Despite its relatively short life, it’s looked at today as one of the greatest racing series that ever existed, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a motorsport fan anywhere in the world who doesn’t consider it a high-water mark…

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The Story Of Gasoline

The Story Of Gasoline 450x330

The Story Of Gasoline is a ’50s era educational film about gasoline, it covers the process of refining and includes a surprisingly useful explanation of the difference between gasoline, lubricating oil, kerosene and other oil derivates by way of a series of cartoon characters. The film runs a total of 23 minutes and unless you’re…

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Q Branch Spectre Gadget Switches

Q Branch Spectre Gadget Switches 450x330

Q Branch is by far the most famous of the fictional clandestine spy gadget manufacturers, they’ve been hard at work since Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale was published in 1953, with various characters playing Q – the head of the division. This set of switches were specified by Spectre director Sam Mendes, he wanted them to…

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Scooter Commuter

scooter vespa lambretta mod 450x330

Scooter Commuter is a 1962 film in the “Look at Life” miniseries that was produced for British television. Each episode is approximately 10 minutes long, and it looks at a different career or subculture within Britain at the time. This film offers a look into the still burgeoning world of the motor scooter in the…

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