Documentary: Building An Engine From Scratch – Casting – Machining – Assembly – Test Riding

Building An Engine From Scratch - Casting - Machining - Assembly - Test Riding

This 10 minute films shows the process of building an engine from scratch, including the casting process, machining, final assembly, and the completed motorcycle’s first test ride. It’s an interesting look into how motorcycle (and car) engines were painstakingly built back in the early days of motoring, every step of the process involved highly-skilled machinists,…

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Documentary: Steve McQueen – Man On The Edge

Steve McQueen - Man On The Edge

Steve McQueen – Man On The Edge is an hour long documentary about the legendary actor that was filmed back in the 1980s – which means it contains interviews with many of McQueen’s close friends, some of whom have since passed away, like Bud Ekins, and the film industry professionals who gave him his first…

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1970 Can Am Documentary: The Heavies

The Heavies is a Can Am documentary from 1970 that covers the race at Road Atlanta. This would be a very significant time in the history of Can Am, as Bruce McLaren had been killed while testing the new M8D McLaren Can Am car just days before the season began. Before the accident Bruce McLaren and Denny…

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Documentary: Operation Speed – 1956

In 1956 an unusual caravan of vehicle trailers arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats. They carried a couple of land speed cars from England that must have looked like crash-landed alien spacecraft to the casual observer. The two cars on the trailers were one-off designs that had been built specifically for Bonneville a couple of…

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Doctor Who Dalek

Doctor Who is a seminal science fiction TV series from the UK, it first aired in 1963 (3 years before Star Trek began), and it’s continued in various iterations since. Over the decades there have been 12 Doctors in the lead role, playing variations of the same character: a humanoid alien from the planet Gallifrey,…

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Documentary: The 1956 Joie Chitwood Hell Drivers

The Joie Chitwood’s Hell Drivers show started just after the Second World War in the USA as a traveling spectacle seen by hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. Joie (that’s the correct spelling) had started out as a dirt track driver before moving up to NASCAR. After WWII he bought the ramps and cars…

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