Short Films: The Iso Rivolta Chronicles

The Iso Rivolta Chronicles 450x330

The Iso Rivolta Chronicles is a series of short films about the cars of Iso Autoveicoli S.p.A, and the modern collectors who keep them alive. For the uninitiated, Iso was a refrigeration company until after WWII when they branched out into cars and motorcycles, one of their most famous early creations was the Iso Isetta…

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1954 Documentary: Mercedes-Benz Races Again

1954 Documentary Mercedes Benz Races Again 450x330

This documentary from 1954 shows the victorious return to racing by Mercedes-Benz after 15 years of non-participation, it was an extraordinary achievement that went a long way towards changing Formula One forever. The revolutionary streamlined Mercedes cars were far more advanced that the vehicles being driven by their competitors, and the precision with which Mercedes…

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Documentary: Look at Life – Vintage Models

Vintage Cars Documentary 450x330

The Look at Life series of short documentaries were produced in the 1960s to offer a glimpse into parts of society that might otherwise never be seen by the average Brit. This film, titled Vintage Models, is a look into the world of classic car enthusiasts – as they were in 1963. It’s interesting to look back…

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Planetary Gears: How They Work

Planetary Gears How They Work 450x330

Planetary Gears – Principles of Operation is a 1953 US Army Training Film, likely created to teach the mechanics who would be working on tanks and other vehicles that used planetary gear systems. Planetary gears are one of those things that many people think they understand already, but it’s a great help to see working…

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Documentary: Tribute to Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio 450x330

Tribute to Fangio is a 20 minute film about racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio, nicknamed El Chueco “bowlegged one”, who’s still the only driver in history to win the World Drivers’ Championship 5 times with 4 teams (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Maserati). Fangio was known for his engaging personality and quotable quotes like “Driving fast…

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Documentary: The History of Austin Healey

History of Austin Healey 450x330

This documentary about the history of Austin Healey is a fascinating look back at one of Britain’s great sports car makers – Donald Healey. Men like Donald were responsible for some of the most memorable cars of the 20th century, despite their restricted budgets and limited parts availability. The work Healey did with English and American…

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Documentary: The Diesel Story

The Diesel Story History Film 450x330

The Diesel Story is a short documentary that gives a surprisingly detailed look back at the development of the internal combustion engine – with a particular focus on the diesel engine pioneered by Rudolph Diesel in the late 1800s. The film includes reenactments of the early development phases of the first diesel engines, as well…

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1935 Chevrolet Film: What Stops Them

1935 Chevrolet Film What Stops Them 450x330

What Stops Them is a 1935 Chevrolet film that explains drum braking systems, and extolls the virtues of cable-operated brakes. Although that may sound humorous now, the film dates back to a few years before WWII, and hydraulic braking systems were relatively rare. Although drums brakes are now far less common, after decades of being usurped…

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