Moonwalk One

Moonwalk One Film 450x330

Moonwalk One is a film that started production 18 months before the launch of Apollo 11, NASA wanted the mission recorded for posterity and so they hired Francis Thompson to head the project, who was widely considered to be the best documentary filmmaker in the USA at the time. In 1970 the population of the…

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Going Faster: The Skip Barber Racing School

Going Faster The Skip Barber Racing School 450x330

The Skip Barber Racing School is almost certainly the most famous advanced driving school in the world, this is largely thanks to their approachable lesson structure that breaks each required skill down into its constituent parts. This film is an early production from the school and it features Skip Barber himself explaining many of the…

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Camp Century: The City Under Ice

Camp Century 450x330

Project Iceworm was a secret Cold War operation to create subterranean nuclear missile launch sites under the Greenland ice sheet – within close striking distance of the USSR. It was all done under the cover of Camp Century, a pretend US Government operation used as a cover story for the Danish government – who were…

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This Is The Last Dam Run Of Likker I’ll Ever Make

This is the Last Dam Run of Likker Ill Ever Make 450x330

On March 16th 2009, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton committed suicide a few days before he was to be taken to a federal penitentiary to serve hard time for moonshining. He was a mountain man of the highest order and one of the last of the original moonshiners, his friendly demeanour belied decades of experience hand-building stills…

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Live And Drive The Indy 500

Indy 500 450x330

Live And Drive The Indy 500 is a delightfully retro look back at the Indy 500 through the lens of the late-1980s. I have to warn you now, the introduction is uber cheesy, but stick with it and you’ll see some of the major highlights from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 1965 to the then…

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On Any Sunday T-Shirt by Iron & Resin

On Any Sunday T Shirt by Iron Resin 450x330

On Any Sunday is a film that cannot be recommended highly enough, in fact if you haven’t seen it yet I’m going to point you in the direction of its IMDB page here. Californian clothing and lifestyle company Iron & Resin recently partnered with Bruce Brown Films to produce a line of gear for the…

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1964 Road America 500

Ferrari 250 LM 450x330

The Road America 500 was first held in 1950, and in 1951 it was added to the SCCA National Sports Car Championship. After the tragic spectator death at the 1952 Watkins Glen Grand Prix, racing on open roads became far less commonplace and the Road America race went into hiatus until 1955, when organisers opened…

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The 1958 Alpine Rally

The 1958 Alpine Rally 1 450x330

The Alpine Rally was characterised by its stunning views, tight mountain roads and cliffside driving that would make even the bravest of modern racing drivers reconsider their profession. The route of the rally made its way through some of the most famous mountain passes in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland – covering hundreds of miles…

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1980 Indianapolis 500

1980 Indianapolis 500 450x330

The 1980 Indianapolis 500 was a remarkable race for a few reasons, perhaps most notably for the extraordinary performance of Tom Sneva, who started the race dead last in 33rd place – before slowly working his way through the whole pack to 1st position. The race in commentated by Jackie Stewart, Chris Schenkel and Jim…

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Easy Rider Wallpapers

Easy Rider Wallpapers 450x330

There are few films that capture the independent spirit of the Americans better than Easy Rider, a 1969 cult classic starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson – with Phil Spector getting a look in too. I’ve had these images on file for a while and the 4th of July – American Independence Day…

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Supercharged: The Grand Prix Car – Documentary

Supercharged The Grand Prix Car Documentary 450x330

Supercharged: The Grand Prix Car is a slightly older documentary about some of the greatest years in Grand Prix racing – the 1924 to 1939 period. I don’t think any other era of motor racing has ever matched the sheer pace of innovation see in the pre-WWII years, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything…

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