The Chevrolet Corphibian

Corphibian Car2 450x330 - The Chevrolet Corphibian

The Chevrolet Corphibian is a one-off amphibious vehicle produced by a couple of ambitious Chevy engineers in their spare time in the early 1960s. It was intended as a proof of concept and it was hoped that it would become a special order option for the standard Corvair 95 Loadside pickup. The engineers were Richard…

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Enzo Ferrari: Passion for Speed Documentary

Enzo Ferrari 450x330 - Enzo Ferrari: Passion for Speed Documentary

Enzo Ferrari: Passion for Speed is a documentary about the automotive legend from 2001. It’s a fascinating look back at the life and times of Enzo, and it includes interviews with some other greats who are no longer with us – like Carroll Shelby. The film covers Enzo’s life from his childhood through to his…

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Walt Siegl Ducati Leggero

Custom Ducati Motorcycle 15 450x330 - Walt Siegl Ducati Leggero

I’m yet to meet a motorcyclist who doesn’t have a deep appreciation for the work of Walt Siegl. He’s a custom bike builder who melds performance engineering and aesthetics into motorcycles that go significantly faster, and look markedly better, than the bikes they’re based on. The Ducati Leggero is a limited production series of custom motorcycles…

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1952 Vincent Black Shadow Special

Vincent Black Shadow 12 450x330 - 1952 Vincent Black Shadow Special

The Vincent Black Shadow is a motorcycle that many in the motorcycling press consider to be the first “superbike”, although that particular term wouldn’t be coined for another 20 years after the introduction of the Honda CB750. The first Black Shadows were designed and built in England just 3 years after the end of WWII,…

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McLaren M1B Can-Am

McLaren M1B Can Am 450x330 - McLaren M1B Can-Am

The McLaren M1B was an evolution of the M1A – the new version delivered a 20% stiffer chassis with no weight gain thanks to the work of engineer Robin Herd. The body design was also developed to take advantage of advances in aerodynamic theory, the new nose was more rounded and the tail was chopped…

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Brough Superior Austin Four

Brough Superior Austin Four 7 450x330 - Brough Superior Austin Four

The Brough Superior Austin Four is a motorcycle so rare that very few have ever actually seen one in the flesh. There’s quite a bit of disagreement over how many of the original 10 examples have survived to the modern day, and this was made all the more confusing by the fact that some lucky…

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Porsche Type 917 Engine – Working 1:4 Scale Model

Porsche Type 917 Engines 450x330 - Porsche Type 917 Engine - Working 1:4 Scale Model

It’s difficult to fathom the level of engineering ability that it would require to build yourself a fully-functioning twin-turbo Porsche Type 917 engine with little more than a 10-inch lathe, a milling machine and some other basic workshop tools. One of the few people capable of such a task was the late-great Herb Jordan, a…

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Ducati Bol d’Or by XTR Pepo

Ducati Custom Motorcycle 16 450x330 - Ducati Bol d'Or by XTR Pepo

If you have so much as a passing interest in highly engineered custom motorcycles, you’ll almost certainly have encountered the work of Pepo Rosell before. Probably under the name of his previous enterprise – Radical Ducati. He closed down Radical Ducati a year or so a go in order to take a 12 month sabbatical…

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Rolls-Royce V8 Coffee Table

Rolls Royce 6.75L V8 Coffee Table 450x330 - Rolls-Royce V8 Coffee Table

Prior to the takeover by BMW in 1998 Rolls-Royce made use of the L Series V8, an engine that had been developed in the 1950s and still remains in use today – in modified form of course. This coffee table uses an L Series V8 as its base, before the table was built the engine…

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Jet-Hot Double Down By Fuller Moto

Jet Hot Double Down Fuller Hot Rod 38 450x330 - Jet-Hot Double Down By Fuller Moto

The Jet-Hot Double Down is a vehicle that you’ve likely seen before. This time however there’s some new information about it that’ll likely interest the wealthier amongst you – it’s for sale. Fuller Moto built the extraordinary AWD 825 horsepower behemoth in 2013 for Jet-Hot Coatings, and it almost broke the internet when images of…

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Bluebird Wallpaper

Donald Campbells Bluebird Hero 450x330 - Bluebird Wallpaper

On the 17th of July 1964, Donald Campbell shattered the world land speed record with an average speed of 403.10 mph (648.73 kph) across the salt flats of Lake Eyre in South Australia. Lake Eyre is one of the few places in the world suitable for land speed record attempts, with its far more famous…

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