The History of the Pit Stop is an extended interview with one of the greatest Formula 1 engineers in history – Gordon Murray.

Pit stops have become a large part of Formula 1, and of motor racing in general, but many of the elements that make up a modern pit stop were developed by Murray and the Brabham team back in 1982 and first introduced at that year’s Austrian Grand Prix.

The trials and tribulations of creating rudimentary plywood tire warmers, high-pressure refueling rigs made from old beer kegs, and accidentally blowing up fuel tanks makes for a great story and Murray tells it well. Even fans with just a passing interest in motor racing, this short film is a must watch.

I’ve included in-race footage from 1982 showing the first of the Brabham pit stops, if you look closely you can see Gordon Murray out in front of the car acting as what we would now call the “lollypop man”.

Editor’s Note: The interview film loops half way through (at approximately the 20 minute mark) and replays the interview from the B camera. I’m not sure why it does this.

The History of the Pit Stop An Interview With Gordon Murray

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