Harley-Davidson Big Twins – The Evolution

Harley Davidson Evo Evolution Engine V Twin 450x330

Thankfully 1984 was a great year for Harley-Davidson and not at all like the “1984” of British writer George Orwell’s novel. 1984 was the year Harley-Davidson introduced what many regard as their greatest engine, and for a true blue motorcycle enthusiast who wants to be able to strip his bike down to the last nut…

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5 Minute Histories: Ducati Monster

eBay Facebook 5 Minute Ducati Monster 450x330

Miguel Galluzzi, the creator of the Monster, once said “In the mind of a motorcyclist you need a gas tank, a seat and a motor.” Galluzzi was working for Honda back when the seed of the idea that would become the Ducati Monster appeared in his mind. He was looking at a picture of a…

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5 Minute Histories: The Norton Commando

eBay Facebook 5 Minute Template Commando 450x330

The 5 Minute History series are produced by Silodrome for eBay Motors. Click here to read the full article on eBay. Introduction The Norton Commando is a vintage British motorcycle whose name would become so iconic it’s still a household name decades after the originals left production. Most people with even a passing interest in…

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Top 10 Dual Sport Helmets of 2016

Top 10 Dual Sport Helmets Hero 450x330

Dual sport helmets are designed to be used both on and off road, incorporating the best design features of both helmet styles. Dual sport motorcycles have been enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years, and it shows no sign of abating any time soon. In recent years we’ve seen classically styled scramblers coming back…

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5 Minute Histories: The Honda CB750

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Motorcycles were a market that was to be a natural opening for Japanese industry. Although the British, Americans, Italians, and Germans were making motorcycles that sold well they were steeped in traditional ideas of what a motorcycle should and should not be. The Japanese were not. Japan had worked on creating a motorcycle industry especially in the post war period.

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Top 8 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Top 8 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets copy 450x330

The first motorcycle helmet was co-developed in 1914 by a British doctor who ran the medical facilities at the Brooklands race track. After seeing countless head injuries caused by accidents during races he contracted a local man to build a hard shellac helmet with a slightly softer internal canvas lining. These early helmets weren’t designed…

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Top 7 Armored Motorcycle Vests

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Armored motorcycle vests are becoming more and more popular with riders looking for a little additional safety and peace of mind. Most modern armored vests are made to CE-approved safety standards, using advanced impact absorbing layers with a harder outer layer to resist penetration and deformation. They’re typically strapped to the rider’s torso using thick…

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