Miguel Galluzzi, the creator of the Monster, once said “In the mind of a motorcyclist you need a gas tank, a seat and a motor.” Galluzzi was working for Honda back when the seed of the idea that would become the Ducati Monster appeared in his mind. He was looking at a picture of a Honda superbike with its full aerodynamic fairings and he imagined it with the fairings removed, a bike reduced to its basic essentials.

It was an idea that would not have fitted with Honda’s product line back then but later when Galluzzi moved to Ducati he was in a design environment where there was creative room for things that initially seem oddball. Ducati Technical Director Massimo Bordi wanted a cruiser style motorcycle created, one that would lend itself to after market customising and this fitted with the original idea Galluzzi had. So Galluzzi cobbled together a prototype bike around his initial “bare bones” motorcycle idea using mostly off the shelf Ducati parts and showed it to management.

Even Miguel Galluzzi was a little surprised by management’s reaction to his prototype.

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