Top 6 Motorcycle Backpacks

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Finding the right backpack can be a tricky dilemma for some motorcyclists, and the correct solution will largely depend on the kind of riding you do. Urban commuters will want a bag that can hold a laptop, protect its contents from a sudden downpour, and stay comfortable on the shoulders. Long distance riders will want…

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Top 12 Motorcycle Movies

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Ever since the first motorcycle was built it’s been the de facto vehicle of choice for some of cinema’s greatest heroes and villains. The first motorcycles were little more than bicycles with a small internal combustion engine added, this made them far cheaper to build and buy than automobiles – which meant they were quickly…

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Top 7 Summer Motorcycle Jackets On eBay

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Summer can be a difficult time to ride safely, especially in warmer parts of the world. When daytime temperatures reach or surpass 100F it’s almost impossible to wear standard leathers without risking heat exhaustion. One of the best solutions to staying both safe and cool is either making the jacket from a hard wearing and…

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Top 8 Classic Motorcycle Goggles On eBay

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Goggles have been an essential element to the motorcyclists kit bag since the first inventors began bolting primitive engines into bicycle frames. Most of the first goggles used by motorcyclists were actually designed for biplane pilots, but the challenges faced by both were similar, so things like leather helmets, sheepskin jackets, and goggles were equally…

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A Brief Guide To Honda Scramblers

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Of all of the big four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, it is perhaps Honda that is the most closely associated with the scrambler genre – they were building scramblers from the mid-to-late 1960s with much success in Japan, North America and Europe.

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Fonzie’s Triumph (And It’s For Sale)

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I don’t even know where to start this week, it seems like 2016 is kicking off with a serious bang. Finding Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli’s pride and joy for sale is a major highlight, and it looks like it’s actually in pretty good shape considering that fact that it was originally made in 1949. Choosing a…

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Top 10 Vintage Motorcycles On eBay

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It’s always interesting to scroll through the broad spectrum of vintage motorcycles for sale on eBay in any given week, there are always some surprises to be had along with more than a few major temptations. This week we focussed on vintage European motorcycles with a close eye on both England and Italy, these are…

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Motorcycle Backpacks

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Click here to visit the Motorcycle Backpacks Collection. Motorcycles aren’t generally the greatest vehicle of choice if you have to lug things around, with the exception of baggers and adventure motorcycles with panniers fitted the average motorcyclist is limited to carrying what he or she can fit in a backpack. This of course means that…

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