Ford Capri RS2600 Group 2 Competition Coupe

1972 Ford Capri RS2600 Group 2 Competition Coupe

The 1972 Ford Capri RS2600 Group 2 Competition Coupe was the car that cemented the reputation of the Ford Capri as the ‘European Mustang’, the ’72 RS2600 won the European Touring Car Championship at the hands of Jochen Mass – the ’71 RS2600 had also won the ETCC in the hands of Germany’s Dieter Glemser. These back-to-back wins gave the Capri some much needed racing DNA and led to the car being offered for sale in South Africa, Australia and the USA.

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Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots

Matchless Motorcycle Poster

Matchless Motorcycle Poster 2

One of the most significant problems I have with my current apartment is the total lack of motorcycle-related paraphernalia. This is largely due to the veto that was implemented in 2011 by the United Nations of My Girlfriend, sadly my requests for a reconsideration have all died in committee.

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Honda CX500 Cafe Brat


The Honda CX500 is like a feisty featherweight boxer who’ll take on anyone and will never, ever back down. The model was first released in 1978 and it was fitted with a series of innovative features that were either uncommon or totally unused at the time, things like…

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2014 F 800 GS Adventure

2014 F 800 GS Adventure 3

This is the new 2014 F 800 GS Adventure, it’s one of the most highly capable off-road touring motorcycles in the world with its brother the F 1200 GS and the British upstart, the Triumph Tiger Explorer XC as its primary competition. There’s a bit of contention as to whether the F 1200 GS or F…

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