Ducati 750


Motorcycle advertising has changed a huge amount since the ’70s and ’80s. It used to be Girl-Bike-Logo and motorcycle sales were booming, in more recent times it’s become more technical and motorcycle sales have waned, I may be drawing an overly simplistic correlation-causation line in the sand here but I vote that we go back to the ads like this one.

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Beltway Jacket Icon 1000

Langly Camera Bag

IMG_0477 copy

I’m always genuinely impressed with people who take matters into their own hands, and create something remarkable. Evan Lane is a professional photographer based in California who realised that it was nigh on impossible to find a camera bag that both looked good and took care of your gear.

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Brooklyn Gin


Gin is a phenomenal spirit, I far prefer it to vodka or rum an the fact that it’s a great to drink with tonic and fresh lime on hot summer afternoons puts it ahead of Scotch at this time of year. Brooklyn Gin is a relatively…

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