Evel Knievel – Feature Film

evel knievel

This 1971 feature film tells the story of infamous motorcycle daredevil, Evel Knievel. It’s equal parts comedy and biography with plenty of stunts thrown in for good measure, it’s 1:28:00 long and it’s well worth watching if you’re the kind of person who used to jump bicycles over rickety wooden ramps as a child.

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Beltway Jacket Icon 1000

1929 Douglas 350

douglas motorcycle

The Douglas 348cc EW was originally shown to the public at the 1925 Olympia Show, it was specifically designed to benefit from tax concessions available to lightweight motorcycles and so it weighed in (dry) at under 200lbs.

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Skull Ornament

hood ornament skull

Hood ornaments are (sadly) mostly 2 dimensional in the modern age. Some enterprising chap set about fixing his and you can see the results above. If there was such a thing as the Silodrome Stamp of Approval, this would get it right in the face.

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