This is the new Kasperi Fold Top Backpack, each one is handmade in Finland with a primary body of whitetail deer leather, combined with a backplate, baseplate, and end cap from heavy duty cowhide.

This combination of leathers gives the best weight-to-durability, and they develop their own patinas at different rates as they age, meaning no two packs will look the same once they’ve been in use for a while.

Kasperi was founded in Finland by Janne Kasperi Suhonen almost by accident, he was struggling to find a good-looking, long-lasting backpack and so he decided to develop his own. He initially made 10, one for himself and the rest for friends.

This was meant to be the end of it but people kept coming back asking for different kinds of new bags, like camera bags, DJ bags, Brompton bags, etc. The company is now thriving and Kasperi bags are being used by people on a daily basis around the world.

Kasperi S.04 Fold Top Backpack 12

The Ahlskog Tannerys 1.8 mm vegetable-tanned and waxed Finnish Natural tan white tail deer leather used in the S.04 has no coloring agents added during the tanning process, instead it’s designed to slowly deepen and darken in color as it ages, eventually into a deep amber.

The bag has a total volume of 27 litres with a width of 30cm, a height of 35–55cm, and a depth of 16cm. The back, base, straps, end cap, and additional parts of the bag are made from hard-wearing 2mm and 3mm Conceria Puccini Attilio Italian bovine leather.

Inside you’ll find a detachable laptop computer sleeve for up to 15” laptops, this can be removed so it’s not taking up space when you need to use the back for hiking or camping. There are a series of loops running up the rear of the bag that allow you to clip on additional items with carabiners, and there’s a small pocket on the back for quick access items.

Kasperi is currently in the pre-order phase on these bags, only a limited number will be made by hand. After ordering you can expect your bag to arrive in May.

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