Ghost Carbon Variant Helmet

VariantGhostCarbonFront 450x330 - Ghost Carbon Variant Helmet

The Ghost Carbon Variant Helmet by Icon is a cross-terrain design perfect for use during the warmer months of the year – due to its sun visor, substantial vents and large facial opening. Each one has a hand-laid carbon fibre shell with translucent supervents, an endurance tinted Optics shield, multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports, and…

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Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

vintage motorcycle helmets 450x330 - Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

Click here to view the full Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Collection. Legal Disclaimer: Silodrome doesn’t recommend wearing vintage helmets on the road, years of shell degradation can lead to them being relatively weak, even in mint condition they’re still antiquated from a modern safety perspective. History The concept of the motorcycle helmet has been around almost as…

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Full-Face Gringo Helmet by Biltwell

Gringo Helmet 450x330 - Full-Face Gringo Helmet by Biltwell

The full-face Gringo motorcycle helmet by Biltwell is a relatively recent addition to the growing list of retro motorcycle helmets that meet modern safety standards. Just a couple of years ago this space was essentially empty but with the release of the Bell Bullitt, the Biltwell Gringo and the Ruby Castel things have changed –…

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Icon Airframe Statistic Helmet

icon helmet 450x330 - Icon Airframe Statistic Helmet

Riding motorcycles is a dangerous habit, most people who’ve been riding for any length of time will have stories about “offs” they’ve endured with many carrying them like badges of honour. The single most effective way of reducing your chances of injury or death is to wear a full face helmet, this has been established…

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F4 Helmet by Klim

KLIM F4  450x330 - F4 Helmet by Klim

The F4 Helmet by Klim is one of the most well ventilated full-face helmets currently on the market, its focus on warm weather usability is something we don’t see with many full-face lids and it’s absolutely essential for those of us in warmer climates. The F4 is built using aerospace fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar®…

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Motorcycle Helmet Mounts

motorcycle helmets mounts1 450x330 - Motorcycle Helmet Mounts

These motorcycle helmet mounts by Brandon Cameron are possibly the single greatest method of storing a lid that have ever been devised by humankind. Or alienkind for that matter. Each mount is made of reclaimed Oak and chromed steel, the design allows them to hold either a 3/4 or a full face helmet in style…

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Biltwell Bonanza L.E. Helmets

BonanzaLE Spectrum Black side right 450x330 - Biltwell Bonanza L.E. Helmets

The new Biltwell Bonanza LE Helmet range is a limited edition (hence the LE) series of Bonanza 3/4 face helmets featuring new, hand-painted designs. At $129.95 the Bonanza helmet offers excellent value to those who want a DOT-compliant open face lid, the broad range of accessories available for the model includes bubblevisors, flip-up visors, sunshields and…

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2014 Bell Custom 500 Helmet

2014 Bell Custom 500 Helmet1 450x330 - 2014 Bell Custom 500 Helmet

The Bell Custom 500 series of motorcycle helmets has become the 3/4-face lid that all others are compared against, the modern helmet is based on the early models produced by Bell in the 1950s and since its introduction it’s been one of the best selling helmets in Bell’s stable. For 2014 Bell has announced an…

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Premier Trophy Helmet

Premier Trophy Helmet1 450x330 - Premier Trophy Helmet

It was only a year or two ago that we were lamenting the total lack of retro full face motorcycle helmets, between then and now a number of companies have launched standards-compliant retro full face lids that’ll look for more at home on your Triumph Bonneville or Ducati Paul Smart. This is the new lid…

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James Hunt’s 1976 Bell Helmet

James Hunts 1976 Bell Helmet 31 450x330 - James Hunt's 1976 Bell Helmet

1976 is a year that will live on forever in the annals of motorsports history, the film Rush came out earlier this year and immortalised the season as well as the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda but those who are passionate about Formula 1 have been talking about the 1976 season for 37…

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Gringo Blast Shields

Biltwell Gringo full face helmet shield1 450x330 - Gringo Blast Shields

For those of you who’ve already snapped up a Biltwell Gringo full-face helmet these new Blastshields have just come into stock in both a clear and tinted finish. Each one costs $19.95 and snaps into place using the 5 studs around the viewport, they’re made from impact-resistant, die-cut flex polycarbonate and have a slightly less…

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