The Bell Moto-3 Fasthouse Checkers Helmet is a new release from the legendary American helmet manufacturer featuring shell art from the team at Fasthouse.

The Moto-3 is one of Bell’s newer helmet designs that uses a shell shape reminiscent of the iconic Moto 3 from the 1970s. The construction techniques and materials are all modern however, giving the safety of a modern full face helmet with the looks of a classic motocross lid.

Before the modern re-release of the Moto-3 riders had very limited choices when it came to vintage mx helmets, some were taking ’70s era shells and having them refitted with new EPS liners but the safety of this was highly questionable.

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The Bell Moto-3 has a lightweight fiberglass composite shell that comes in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit for all head sizes. Inside you’ll find an impact-absorbing EPS liner that comes in four sizes, and the chin bar also has an impact absorbing EPS liner to help protect you in frontal collisions.

There’s a removable and washable anti-microbial terrycloth liner inside and a secure 5 snap visor that can be attached above the eye port to help with sun and glare protection. Bell designed the eye port of the Moto-3 to work with almost all modern motorcycle goggles, and of course for lower speed riding you can use motorcycle-specific sunglasses.

In order to ensure the helmet would be legal in as many regions as possible Bell has made sure that it has both DOT (USA) and ECE (Europe) certifications. Many countries outside of these regions also accept these certifications as road legal.

Although it was originally designed for motocross and enduro use, the Moto-3 is also an excellent urban helmet for non-highway riding where a wide field of view and excellent airflow are paramount requirements.

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