2014 Bell Custom 500 Helmet

2014 Bell Custom 500 Helmet1 450x330 - 2014 Bell Custom 500 Helmet

The Bell Custom 500 series of motorcycle helmets has become the 3/4-face lid that all others are compared against, the modern helmet is based on the early models produced by Bell in the 1950s and since its introduction it’s been one of the best selling helmets in Bell’s stable. For 2014 Bell has announced an…

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Icon Variant Carbon Cyclic Helmet

Icon Variant Carbon Cyclic Helmet1 450x330 - Icon Variant Carbon Cyclic Helmet

The Icon Variant Carbon Cyclic Helmet is one of the few modern helmet designs that I really like, it has an almost retro science fiction look about it, like the sort of helmet that would be worn by a character in a novel by William Gibson. The large viewport is a significant benefit for those…

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James Hunt’s 1976 Bell Helmet

James Hunts 1976 Bell Helmet 31 450x330 - James Hunt's 1976 Bell Helmet

1976 is a year that will live on forever in the annals of motorsports history, the film Rush came out earlier this year and immortalised the season as well as the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda but those who are passionate about Formula 1 have been talking about the 1976 season for 37…

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Gringo Blast Shields

Biltwell Gringo full face helmet shield1 450x330 - Gringo Blast Shields

For those of you who’ve already snapped up a Biltwell Gringo full-face helmet these new Blastshields have just come into stock in both a clear and tinted finish. Each one costs $19.95 and snaps into place using the 5 studs around the viewport, they’re made from impact-resistant, die-cut flex polycarbonate and have a slightly less…

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Icon Alliance Dark

Icon Alliance Dark Helmet Front1 - Icon Alliance Dark

The Icon Alliance Dark is one of the best value for money propositions in the world of modern, full-face motorcycle helmets – at $150 USD MSRP it costs about as much as a decent bottle of single malt, although the scotch will you a headache whereas the Alliance helmet’s job is to save you from…

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Biltwell Gringo Helmet

DOT certified retro full face helmet colours thumbnail - Biltwell Gringo Helmet

A few months ago the Biltwell Gringo Helmet was officially released to much excitement in the non-sportbike motorcycle community, the Gringo was the first DOT certified full-face helmet that wasn’t trying to look like a futuristic-in-an-80s-way-alien-helmet. And people loved it. I still get emails from people asking me if there is such a thing as…

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Bell RS-1 Motorcycle Helmet

Bell RS 1 Motorcycle Helmet thumbnail - Bell RS-1 Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell RS-1 is a Snell M2010 and DOT approved motorcycle helmet with a Kevlar/fibreglass composite shell, it has Bell’s Velocity Flow Ventilation system and an aerodynamic profile that won’t snap your neck at speeds over 60mph. I picked one up recently as my daily rider due to the fact that I can be a little accident…

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Biltwell Bubble Shields

Biltwell Bubble Shields1 - Biltwell Bubble Shields

Biltwell Bubble Shields are a fantastic addition to the front of your 3/4 face helmet, they’ve been designed to look and feel exactly like the originals from the ’60s and they fit almost any open face helmet – including, of course, the Biltwell Bonanza.

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