GPA Kamikaze Helmet

gpa aircraft kamikaze helmet 450x330 - GPA Kamikaze Helmet

This is the Kamikaze Helmet by GPA, a French company known for producing slightly unusual designs. It’s an aircraft style helmet that has a double visor system, this allows you to choose between clear or tinted eye protection, all of the GPA helmets have full ECE 22.05 safety certification and a removable, washable lining.

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Lotus JPS Helmet by 2/10th Designs

lotus f1 helmet 450x330 - Lotus JPS Helmet by 2/10th Designs

Racing helmets are one of those things that require a little in the way of exotic paint, with most open-cockpit racing formulas the only part of the driver that’s visible outside the car is the driver’s helmet, which means that a lick of unique helmet paint is the only way for a driver to stand out from his competitors on the track.

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Roof Boxer V8 Helmet

Roof Boxer V8 Helmet 450x330 - Roof Boxer V8 Helmet

The helmet designs from French company Roof are nothing if not unique, the Boxer V8 is a full-face helmet with a flip-up front that swivels around to the rear, allowing the wearer to choose between 3/4 face or full depending on weather and riding conditions.

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Lady Life Helmets

life helmets 450x330 - Lady Life Helmets

The Life Helmet Co. doesn’t exist anymore, by the look of this advertisement they were a mid-level motorcycle helmet manufacturer in the 1970s who built “full face, plain or fancy” lids.

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Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet

Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet 450x330 - Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet

The el Fuerte is the latest lid from the team at Biltwell, it’s the DOT approved new model in their line up and it replaces the Hustler 3/4 face helmet that has itself become ubiquitous in the custom motorcycle scene over the past few years.

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