The Old School Icon Alliance Project

Icon Alliance Helmet White 450x330 - The Old School Icon Alliance Project

Last month we began talking to Icon Motosports and Old School Helmets about a unique new project, we wanted to take steps to solve a dilemma facing safety conscious, vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. Specifically, the fact that it’s currently impossible to buy a retro full face helmet that passes any international helmet certification standard.

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Blauer Pilot Orange

blauer helmet 450x330 - Blauer Pilot Orange

Blauer isn’t a helmet brand you encounter all that often outside of Europe, they make great lids though and tend towards the use of more advanced materials in their construction.

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Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet 450x330 - Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet

The Bell 500 Helmet Series has proven to be exceedingly popular, the combination of retro design with modern safety standards is an alluring blend for many motorcyclists, especially those who prefer the 3/4 face helmet style.

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Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang

Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang 450x330 - Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang

I think it’s interesting to see people experimenting with the fundamental shape of helmet design, generally speaking all helmets are semi-circular with some variation on a neck and face opening, you never see square or trapezoid helmets (and for very good reason).

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Momo Fighter Helmet

Momo Fighter Helmet Black 450x330 - Momo Fighter Helmet

Momo are producing some of the coolest 3/4 helmets currently on the market, this model, dubbed the “Fighter” pulls design cues from fighter pilot helmets and features a polymer shell, internal slide down sun visor, a Du Pont lining and full ECE 22.05 safety compliance. Grab yours here via Urban Motor.

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Draxtar P-104 Helmet

Draxtar P 104 Helmet 450x330 - Draxtar P-104 Helmet

This open face helmet by Draxtar seems to be aimed at the pilot/motorcyclist who doesn’t like to change helmets all that often. Far from being a novelty item the helmet conforms with the strict European ECE 22.05 standard (similar to DOT but perhaps a little better) and features a flip-down visor, removable lining and removable ear cups….

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Pilot Motorcycle Helmet by Blauer

Pilot White Helmet by Blauer

Blauer is an interesting company, they produce “technical garments” for special elements of US Law Enforcement and the US Military (including the Navy Seals). This helmet is a new design from the company, it’s made from a proprietery blend of Dyneema-Carbon-Aramidic and epoxy resin, it has a built in flip down visor and a removable, washable lining.

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Snell vs DOT vs ECE R22-05 – Helmet Standards Throwdown

diesel helmet x ray 450x330 - Snell vs DOT vs ECE R22-05 - Helmet Standards Throwdown

As an avid motorcyclist I have always been reassured if slightly baffled by helmet standards, if seems odd that there is more than one standard and as you dig deeper you learn that different standards have vastly different requirements and not surprisingly, there is serious controversy about what’s best.

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